Negative thoughts – why they waste your time

Negative thoughts cost you a lot of time.  Why?  A thought is a real thing – a vibration like a radio wave or an ocean wave or any other type of wave.

When a certain type of wave goes out, things happen.  If the ocean wave is huge, it can destroy shorelines, ships, lives.  If the wave is small, it can be soothing, life altering and pleasant.  I know – wonderful ocean waves have really helped change my darkest moods! 

When you hold negative thoughts, your whole being is in that vibration and that vibration has consequences.  For instance, if you have a goal to achieve but your mind is focused on negativity, how can you possibly the positive path necessary to get to where you are going? 

Same goes for people – if you harbor negative thoughts about them, it’s difficult to see their positive words and actions.  If you can’t think well of a person in any way, then they shouldn’t be in your world, in your mind – get rid of even thinking about them!

Positive thinking – is it hype?  You could say that the Obama campaign was hype – was it?  Or did a positive vibration set by a lot of people create an incredible result? 

You can call anything hype but even the most incredulous hype has a kernel of truth to it.

The truth is if you practice positive thinking every single day, day in and day out, your life will always be in a positive vibration and, though bad things can show up in your life, you’ll have the strength and power that comes with positive living to deal effectively with them and not spend any more time than absolutely necessary to deal with the issues.

Stop wasting time and energy – get some positive thoughts rolling around in that head of your today . . . and tomorrow . . . . and the next day . . . . .

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