You’ve read in a previous blog post that Chris Malta is on a scam busting tour in the US.  He’s a highly successful businessman who is so sick and tired of hearing about people getting scammed, that he is taking his time, money and energy and doing something about it.  See his latest video here:

Nothing, but nothing, wastes more time than dealing with dishonest operators.  I did – with a company in my own home town, Vancouver, BC!  They couldn’t and didn’t deliver what they promised but they certainly kept my money.  They not only have a Vancouver address but one in the US as well.  The amount of time I spent with credit card companies, with the multitude of their reps on emails and over the phone, Better Business Bureau, etc., was unbelievable!

They present their wares in many large cities in expensive hotels, and internet marketing is their calling, in fact, it’s quite blatant.  Their CEO is quoted in many publications  – if only people knew the real story about this company, they wouldn’t be so quick to publish anything from this guy.  

Along with this guy’s signature, the claim is made that they are an internet marketing firm that has helped thousands of people learn to start and run their online business – that’s certainly not true in my case!  

 They also claim that courses has been best selling for ten years – so what?  Lots of people have courses – and some for a lot longer than 10 years.  The real question is:  is it any good?  The answer is no – repackaged and outdated –  how do I know?  I’ve seen two versions – compared them and they were almost exactly the same.

This company hasn’t got a clue how to teach people – their so-called coaches have a script and that’s it – they follow the script no matter what.  If you’re not successful at making money, then it’s your fault.  Of course, it’s not the client’s fault – it’s theirs!  Their lack of ability and capability!  It’s all a sales hype!

Chris Malta is the exact opposite.  Chris answers his own phone and talks to anyone.  You’ll find that Chris is one of those guys on the internet who is honest, fair and trustworthy.  And if you want to start an internet business, Chris is the man to talk to.  His Forum connects people and you are able to at last find a credible path to building your business.  Chris also tells you the truth – cold and hard facts – no snow job here!  He knows business and he tells you there is no shortcut to starting a business.

Support his scam busting tour – let other people know about his efforts to help us all!

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