Use What You’ve Got – Outlook Calendar is likely all you need!

All the pieces in one place!

Use what you’ve got –  Outlook calendar is likely all you need! 

In terms of time management, focusing everything in one area rather than using multiple systems at once is the most efficient.

Many people using Outlook don’t realize how useful the calendar can be or don’t know what’s it’s for.  Many people still use a manual calendar along with an electronic calendar or don’t use the electronic calendar at all which is, I think, I big mistake.

Here are the benefits to you in using Outlook Calendar:

  • You can drag and drop emails into your calendar to set an appointment time with clients and friends.  Often a date is set a long time ahead of time, and, often, especially if we have a lot of appointment, it’s difficult to remember what each appointment was designed to do.  With the email within the appointment screen, it’s easy.
  • Multiple views pf calendar – you can set the view to be whatever you want – appointment area only or appointment area with date navigator or appointment area with Task list or all of them at once in the calendar view. 
  • Mutiple views of your appointments – Today, Today and multiple days, Work Week, Month – all printable – much less expensive than buying a paper calendar and everything is up to date. 
  • Set recurring events so they are never forgotten eg meetings, activities, etc.
  • Holidays can be included automatically in the calendar for the country in which you live or for all the countries with which you do business with or have family and friends – you’ll be able to send greetings for these holidays – what a great way to stay in touch!
  • Create group schedules, plan meetings, send out meeting invitations as well as set options for response to others who requests meetings; make meeting changes easily
  • Maintain multiple calendars eg one for business and one for family viewed side-by-side and share calenders with others ; with the reminders option set properly, reminders of appointments will pop up on your computer or PDA or phone (need to sync)

Some would say – I like paper.  Print out your schedule in the format you want – once a week, every day – whatever you want and put it into a binder – you can buy pre-punched printer paper.  You can print out the view of each appointment too if you have included the emails in the appointment screen.

What happens if you’re away from your computer and you need to set an appointment time?  Set it in your PDA or cell phone or write it into your paper copy (make sure though that you update your computer version when you get back to your computer if you don’t have a PDA or cell phone option)

Take a look at the Options too –  you can set up your calendar the way you want it – 5, 6 or 7 day calendar, the hours, font, and a whole host of other tweaks.

How does this save you time? 

  • Being able to see your month, week or day at a glance, shows you clearly where you need to make adjustments ahead of time rather than stress yourself to the nth degree because too much was crammed into a particular week or day.  There is no question that this alone will diminish your stress because you can re-arrange work and appointments more effectively.
  • Simply being able to set up appointments with others automatically is great.  All you do is use your list of contacts and a request is sent to multiple parties instead of multiple phone calls, voice mails or multiple emails – handling all the voice mail and the multiple emails consumes a lot of time.
  • Having everything in one place is best – never again forget to transfer information or look at the wrong calendar and miss appointments or double book your time because of it.  One system –  it is clear what time is available and what is not.

So . . . Use What You’ve Got – can you see how useful Outlook Calendar can be to you to save time, energy and diminish your levels of stress? 

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