Want to Learn How to Sell Online Using Websites? Want to Save Time, Money and Energy?

Do you want to learn how to sell online using websites?

Want to Save time, money and energy?

If you do, you’ve come to the right place – unquestionably!

real quality, real value, and real training!

The instructor of this training struggled to find anyone to teach him when he started out. He was willing to pay the big bucks to get someone to help him.  He just couldn’t find anyone who could show him how to make money on the internet. There was always something not properly explained or not explained at all, parts missing and confusion at every turn.

Even the simplest processes were made difficult – What was happening as it happens more often than not, people know their field but can’t explain it to others so it can be understood.  This has been an issue plaguing the computer world since computers started to arrive on our desks.  In reality, anyone can learn most common processes on the computer or internet it if it taught effectively, openly, honestly and clearly.

He persevered. He kept asking questions and spending money. He worked very hard and long hours.   He learned!  Boy, did he learn!  And with that knowledge, he started to teach others.  He found thousands of people were in the same boat as him and he helped more and more and more people until it turned into a business for him.  He had started with his own product – a book on how to make money with pictures.

He is an excellent communicator – an excellent instructor – a talent honed from years in the entertainment business.

He is here today to help you too – at a reasonable price – all that he has learned and is still learning is available to you today 

everything you need to know how to earn money online using websites

everything on his site is ready for you – hundreds of videos, PDFs, guest interviews, webinars, a forum -free ebooks

it’s all there – stay on that site for a while, and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

and . . . one price gets you everything – every single thing on that site – it’s all there for you!

There are people of all ages and all levels of  technological ability.

I was awed by what I found on this site. Things I had struggled with for a very long time were explained clearly in minutes.  Eventually, I watched the videos and worked along with each video.  I applied what I learned immediately.  All this “stuff” which had been so difficult, all of a sudden the dark clouds of confusion started to lift and I started to understand.  I had the problem  to unravel all the confusion and anxiety which had built up over a long period of time from misinformation  I had been given along the way by some very “high-priced help”!!!!

It’s one of the best pieces of education on the internet that I had every encountered.

Websites –

Making money using websites seemed to be such an insurmountable obstacle for me – the work, the cost, and the sheer terror of having someone else in control of my site – how would I update it myself?  How did it all work? What if I wanted to change a picture or add some words or delete some words – how could I do that?  How would I know what to expect from someone selling me a site?  I needed to know in order to make intelligent decisions.

I found out – and I’m not scared of anything any more – I’ll do it – because I know how – in this case knowledge is not only power to control presence online but to understand the processes of making money online.

I had to start all over again – but slowly and surely – it began to sink in – Allelujah! Eureka! Yahoo!  You will be amazed what you can learn in one month!!!  Actually, you’ll be amazed what you can learn in one afternoon!

For you, if you’re just starting out, this is the place to learn – the place to be

you’ll never regret this decision if you are serious about making money online.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to be successful online – step-by-step and I do mean step-by-step.

It won’t take you a year either – 21 days to success – you can take longer or take less time – but in the end you’ll have the confidence to create an income online for yourself because you’ll know how.

If want to learn, don’t walk – run!!!

Click here and get going today!

You’ll see that it won’t cost you an arm and leg either – you won’t have to spend thousand of dollars, not even hundreds.

I know it sounds so unbelievable  because you’ve probably seen the promotions – wow!  The cost are unbelievable for those programs – you’re broke before you start!

You don’t have to go broke here.  Even if you’re on a limited budget, this is affordable.

If you work very hard, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in a very short period of time.

But . . . don’t get me wrong – this is not a get rich quick scheme – this is solid learning over a period of time – at a extraordinarily reasonable cost

I’ll be very excited when you send me your success stories – and I know you’ll have success if you put your heart and soul into it!

I promote this product as part of my business model – I just can’t help it –

this is so extraordinarily exceptional especially today on the internet!

it’s number 1 in the ratings – ratings by real people and you’ll be adding one of your own!

Please . . . . do yourself a favor  . . . . .  go now  . . . .  look & see – learn —- if you do sign up –

It’s $4.95 for the first month yes, it’s not a typo – $4.95 for your first month – and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn in a month!!!

if you want to stay after the first month, it’ll be $37 per month – you heard right – no tricks, no added fees, nothing – and you don’t even need to stay for the second month!!!  It’s whatever you feel you need!

You know that this won’t break the bank – you know it – and there’s so much here for you!

and $37 for every month you choose to remain a member – over 500 videos available – webinars – forum – you just can’t lose!!!  There are no catches here – none – it is what it is!  And every month, there is something new!

You’ll be so glad you started today!

Click Here to Get Going – 21 days and you could see success!

Save Time Money and Energy Learning How to Make Money on eBay

Save Time Money and Energy Learning How to Make Money on eBay

The Traps

I’ve been on the internet long enough now to understand one very important thing about learning to do anything on the internet:  when they ask me for a lot of money to teach me the basics, I run! Why?  Because it’s never worth the money!  Learning the basics is critical but it shouldn’t blow your entire budget on one course nor strap you with huge credit card debt!

Those who offer these high-priced courses are careful not to make any promises which hems them in but you’re hemmed in!  Somehow the guarantee of returning your money runs out before you discover that they haven’t taught you enough to make any money.  Most often, the people who offer programs don’t know how to teach.  Even more tragic, some of them don’t even know how to make money online themselves! (those pictures they show you online aren’t always real for them!)They may or may not know their stuff but can’t or won’t pass on what you really need know to make a buck.

The good news is that there are people out there who are really making good money on the internet, know how to teach others and offer their programs at a reasonable cost. The trick is finding them because they are not always the “high flyers” of the internet putting out launch after launch after launch.

Learning from the BEST

I’ve also learned that the best people to learn from are those who are making money online every day as their primary means of making money; the educational component of their business is only one of the many add-ons they have created.   With the information obtained from these real practitioners, you can get started in a realistic way and have the best chance possible of making money.

It’s a lot of work starting an internet business and it takes a lot of time, energy and money to build a business online as it does to build a business the old fashioned brick and mortar way.  The nice thing about the internet is that you can learn bit by bit without investing a lot of money upfront.


I learned eBay.  I thought it would be great to sell other people’s stuff and get a commission.  So, I paid a supposedly reputable  company a lot of money to teach me.  They couldn’t.  They didn’t have a clue how to teach someone.  Some of their coaches were making money on eBay but just couldn’t pass on the information properly.  Later, I found out that many people who had also signed up for this company’s offerings were in the same boat.

Then I found someone who did know how to teach. Successful on eBay, a Titanium Power Seller, the instructional material I received was simple to follow and truthful – no magic mirrors – no promises of high earnings – just a realistic approach to starting a business on eBay.  The tools were explained properly.  Further credibility was added when this person was  featured on eBay radio.

When the dust had cleared, eBay was not my bag after all so I didn’t pursue it as a business though I still do sell on eBay on occasion – it’s fun for me and it’s turned into a hobby.

One of the key things about good teachers:  they’re accessible – after the sale – they will answer questions and they do have newsletters so you can keep learning from them.

Start learning today from this person – click here – you’ll be amazed right from the first contact!

Consider This

Before you jump into eBay or any other online business, consider this:

a)  Are you ready to do some intense research on products before you decide on what you are going to sell?

b)  Are you prepared to take the time to understand the process by starting small, step-by-step and then building over long term?

c)  If you want to ship a product yourself,  do you have the space to store the product, wrap and ship the items and the equipment needed to complete orders?

d)  Are you customer oriented or do you not like dealing with people problems?  If  you don’t like dealing with customers, quit while you’re ahead!

e)  Are you prepared to learn and keep learning, live in ambiguity for a long time and yet push on until you arrive at your destination?

f)  Do you understand that selling on eBay is not free?  There are fees to be paid to eBay and to PayPal.

g)  Do you understand that there is a whole new language on the internet you’ll need to learn and some will seem odd and confusing at first?

h)  Are you prepared to put in the time, energy and money to build a successful enterprise?

The benefits of starting an eBay business:

a)  You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get your feet wet in creating an internet business. You can learn bit by bit what it takes to become very successful in business online.  You can start with drop shippers who have integrity and are willing to work with small retailers.   This is one area in which it’s important not to rush – take your time.  Spend the time reviewing the videos, reading the PDFs and understanding what’s required.  Read contracts before you sign them.  Again, click here to get the suppliers and education you need– you’ll be glad you did!

b)  Once you have a few successful sales, then it’s time to reinvest and keep moving forward.

c)  There’s a lot to learn – everything from taking pictures, editing them and uploading them in an attractive way to creating good descriptions, return and shipping policies, building a store on eBay and extending your eBay presence outwards into the rest of the internet so people can find you in other ways than just through eBay.  How long will that take?  It depends on how much time you have to learn, how versed you are in computer technology, how much money you have to spend to get going, and a host of other variables too numerous to mention here.

d) It is a business. Building a business whether on the internet or brick and mortar takes time.  The advantage of the internet, if you don’t like your business or location, you can move without it costing a ton of money or move on to another business or have several businesses going at once.

e)  And, yes, even on the internet, you need advertising dollars.  That’s another thing you’ll have to learn – CAREFULLY!  Many people have been caught advertising before they completely understood how it works.  That’s why it’s a good idea to start on eBay – you get your feet wet before you need to pursue internet advertising avenues.

Would I recommend starting an eBay business even today?  Yes.

It is a good training ground for starting a business online and whether you have a job or will be getting a new job or want to do this full time, it will always be a source of income if you learn methodically and apply what you learn.

And, yes, I do earn a commission if you sign up for these recommended suppliers.  As you will be doing, I’m earning from what I learned.  I only recommend the best and the people with whom I have had successful dealings.  I’ve kissed a lot of frogs in my journey on the internet – the products and services I recommend are solid – tried and true – real people with real businesses who are honest and run ethical businesses.  It has cost me a lot of money, effort and time to find these gems.  If you’re smart, you’ll start with these people. Eventually, you’ll find others.  The key here is that you’ll have started with a good foundation.  Just like building a house which will last for years –  a good foundation will make  it last!

Sourcing Products to Sell

In order to sell on eBay, you need to have something to sell. They say start with things from your home which are in good condition and for which you don’t use any longer.  It’s good to get half a dozen listings and practice but you’ll soon run out of things.  As with any business, you need a steady supply of product to sell.

If you want to get an education on sourcing products and have a reputable company giving you a legitimate and carefully researched groups of companies to buy from, then I would recommend you click here.  It’s the only company which has built it’s own list of suppliers, has tremendous teaching tools and, again, the owner is accessible – that’s always a bonus.  The bonus truly is the education – tons of videos, PDFs and other material – you won’t believe how much you learn here – at no cost to you! Incredibly valuable knowledge especially if you are brand new to retail.  And the annual fee to become a member is incredibly inexpensive – you’ll be surprised!

Get started today with the best eBay instructor – click here!

Get great suppliers ready, willing and able to help you build your business click here!

Lorraine Arams

Save Time, Money and Energy Learning Here How to Make Money Blogging

Save Time, Money and Energy Learning How to Make Money by Blogging

What does that mean?

It means that finding the best possible instruction right from the beginning of your journey making money online through blogging will save you time, money and energy not to mention frustration!  When you have the right instructions with the right approach at a reasonable cost then you’ll be ahead of the game!

You learn best from someone who is:

doing it now . . . and. . .  who can teach

these are important criteria – many might know how to blog but few can teach it.  Many pretend they know.  Many are really good salespeople with an expertise in mumbo jumbo!  So save yourself a lot of time and money by starting learning from the best.  Why should you trust me?  No reason really.  I’ve been down the “search” road and this is the best I’ve found.  I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy.   I will tell you one thing I’ve learned:  if you don’t start the right way at the very beginning, the “deprogramming” to learn the right things for today’s market will set you back.  Many bloggers are teaching the “old stuff” – very little of it works today.

Is it Easy?

No.  Absolutely not.  Why?  Because it’s complex – the devil is in the details!

Yes, the most popular platform, WordPress  is free but . . . you need to know more and it’s the rest of what you need to know which slows you right down to a crawl or worse,  stops you dead in your tracks.

Getting Trapped

I’ve been trapped.  I know what it feels like to have a burning desire to be successful at something only to be sidetracked into the wrong territory!  I’ve learned this much:    when they ask me for a lot of money to teach me the basics, I run! Why?  Because it’s never worth the money!

These “big ticket” sellers are careful not to make any promises which hems them in and somehow the guarantee of returning your money runs out before you discover that they haven’t taught you enough to make any money.  Most often, the people who offer programs don’t know how to teach.  Even more tragic, some of them don’t even know how to make money online themselves! (those pictures they show you online aren’t always real for them!)  They are good at something though:  making you believe it’s easy, fast and you can make a lot of money without much work.

Basics are basics – there is no need to charge thousands to get someone started.  The learning curve is huge for most people.  Once you have the basics, then you’ll know enough to make the right decisions as you progress.

So what do you do?

Start simply, relatively inexpensively with people who know what they’re doing and have good teaching ability. They not only teach you during their program but long after by delivering very valuable information.  Heck they’ll even deliver you valuable information BEFORE you sign up!

To connect with the best Blogging Instructor and successful entrepreneur, click here.

What is blogging and is it for everyone?

Blogging is creating valuable content for people  who are interested in your area of expertise.  You make money when you build trust.  It’s a business and like any other business it takes time.  In the case of the internet, it’s not as simple as getting an ad in a newspaper – there’s a lot to learn!

It’s not for everyone especially people who don’t like to write.  If don’t like writing, then check out a great instructor for creating a business with simple websites on the left sidebar.

Yes, you can hire ghost writers but there are a multiple number of issues with that approach not the least of which that you lose touch with your business and your customers.  They hear someone else’s “voice”, not yours.  There is no need to write perfectly and if you are a poor speller, well, you always have spell check!

So how do you make money?

There are a hundred and one ways!

  • By offering products and/or services which match your particular line of expertise
  • Selling ads
  • Selling other people’s products
  • etc – let your imagination soar . . .

What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

A blog platform is actually a website.  The difference is that a website is relatively static while a blog, if you are to be successful, is dynamic.  It means you’ll continually need to add new content

Sounds easy, why should I get someone to teach me?

Try it. Very quickly it will become quite apparent to you that it’s not so easy.  You’ll find that you’ll create content and nothing will happen.  You’ll discover  all kinds of information everywhere only to find out that some of it is so outdated it causes problems that are not easy to fix.

What’s the solution?

Get the right instructor! Especially at the beginning, this is crucial – get the basics under your belt properly and the rest will follow.

There are many who are offering to teach you how to make money blogging – few really know how to teach  and even fewer  know how to earn money from blogging today.  Times have changed and continue to change every single day on the net.  If you don’t have a good foundation getting started, you’ll be overwhelmed – very quickly!

I went through a lot of blog sites, free courses, PDFs, newsletters, etc., asked a lot of questions, contacted a lot of people, took some courses, etc. trying to learn how to do it.  It was so challenging!

And, then, one day I found something incredible.   I took  a course.  My expectations were rather low by that point.  But . . . I was taught things that no one else could before – it was so easy when I was taught the right way – step-by-step – I could understand the process.  With time, I became quite good at the basic processes.  I signed up for  newsletters – I learned even more – I have continued to learn.  As part of my business model, I promote the products because I believe in them – I believe these products will help anyone who is serious about earning money blogging on the internet.

So here’s my recommendation to you – if you want to learn the basics of blogging and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing it at first, then go check out this course.

You’ll be glad you did because you’ll have such an incredible foundation, you’ll be amazed how much you’ll learn, how easily and how fast you get underway!

Could you do it on your own?

Yes, if you have all the time in the world – you can – all the information is free on the net – it’s finding the right information, in the right sequence – separate the piles and piles garbage to find the gems and, by then, well, who knows what you’ll do.

This person is extraordinarily successful on the internet – starting from humble beginnings going through all the trials and tribulations of starting a new business in a new medium – there’s an understanding, therefore, of what it’s like to be at the starting gate.  That helps.  Mix in great teaching and you have, at the very least, a very good chance of creating a nice little income for yourself on the net.

If you think blogging interests you and that’s how you want to earn your money online, then don’t hesitate – go now – learn!  Save yourself a lot of time, money and energy – connect:

To connect with the best money-making Blogger and Blogging Instructor, click here.

and . . . go make money!

Lorraine Arams

Time Management – Pretend That You’re Retired Every Day!

Pretend that you’re retired every day!

People wish themselves into stress – they wish they were here and they wish they were there.  They wish things were different and they wish they were somebody else.  They wish and they wish.  It would seem that some have spent their whole lives wishing.

Today, one of my neighbors said she had changed her mind about a trip she was about to take.  The weather is so beautiful now that she decided to stay home and wait until worse weather comes along.  She said she could change her mind about departure day because she was retired now.

It struck me as odd why she thought she couldn’t have done it when she was working.  As a manager, team members often wanted to change their booked vacation time for whatever reason.  If it was possible, of course, a change in plans was fine.

What’s even more odd is that we don’t always get to do what we want to do when we want to do them in any case, retired or not – life just isn’t like that.  How many times have your plans been changed due to unforeseen circumstances – weather, accidents, illness, tragedy, etc.

Let’s say she decides on a day to leave.  She gets into her car and a few minutes down the road a truck hits her car – she won’t be able to go on her trip.

If your work is so stressful as to cause you to “wish”, be unhappy or paralyzed to live your life as you would like to live it, find another path.  You may never get to retirement and, if you do, you might not like what you find!

More and more there are retired people living in our complex.  At first, they’re happy.  Within a year, the “shininess” of the “new life” wears off.  They twist themselves into balls trying to figure out what to do with themselves next.  There is only so much golf they can play, and only so many trips they can take.  Often isolation sets in as friends move away or die, family members are working and busy, and grandchildren grow up.

The happiest retirees are the ones who were ready with another “job”. They work at another full-time, part-time or seasonal job or a small business of their own,  do what they love to do and are happy to be involved as they always have been throughout their adult lives.  Often, they volunteer too but, sometimes, that doesn’t last too long either because they are asked to come on staff.

This is my advice to you today:  make every day a “retiree” day – do what you want to do. What does that mean?  It means that you do what you do because you know why you’re doing it. For instance, if you’re working at a company five days a week, you’re working there because you like working there or the pay is exactly what you want or the benefits are the ideal for you – the payoff is now – today! Know why you’re doing something  – the bigger picture of your life – and focus on the why – you’ll find yourself much happier, you’ll feel freer and better able to cope with the downsides – there is a downside to everything.

And you’ll find that you are able to ask for what you want.  You may not always get it but you’ll feel free to ask. I think it’s that freedom which people crave – they’ve always had it though they just never thought they did.

If you are not doing what you want to do because there is not good reason to be doing it, stop.  And stop wishing things were different.  Change course.  Make and work on a plan to get you in a place where every day is a day you’re doing what you want to do and you know why.

This today is all you’ve got – make the most of it!

Lorraine Arams

Can You Produce Magic Immediately in Your Time Management Strategy

Can you produce magic immediately in your time management strategy?

What do you think would do that for you? Is there a word or a system or gadget which could magically add time to your day and satisfaction to your soul?

Yes, there is.  It’s tiny. It’s something we don’t do well and often enough.  Added consciously into our time management repertoire, it can give back a lot of  time.

What is it?

N – O – that’s it “no”. Most of us hate saying it – no matter how we “frame” itour first impulse is to say yes. It is those many “yeses” which eventually create havoc with our time management.

People want our time. They need to get something done and they would like y help. They ask. We accept. Another chunk of time is taken out of our schedule – could be 5 minutes or an hour – it all adds up!

Your boss wants us to work late.  Your children want us to attend an event – our spouse wants to go out to dinner – our parents need help with their eaves – our siblings each need help with something we’re good at doing – our friends want hang out time  –

think about it – all these people want a chunk of our time and yet we’re just a party of one with only 24 hours in a day!

How could we ever possibly fit all the demands into our schedule?

The answer: we can’tit’s impossible though most of us try to do it – we try to please everyone by acquiescing to everyone’s demands for our time. Is it any wonder that people get short on time?

It’s essential that we all become very comfortable with saying NO. And sticking to our guns – no means no!

It’s a word that most people don’t know how to use very well because we’ve been told that we must:

– keep our jobs at all costs

– keep our spouses happy

– spend time with our children

– spend time with friends and family

and soon . . . we run out of time and everything suffers. Why? Because no choice is consciously being made – it’s just a blanket acceptance. Yes, of course, everyone uses “no” once in a while but, generally, not often enough.

One day, we wake up on empty. We’re tired, frustrated and feel deprived – life is passing us by and our goals seem further and further away.

Becoming comfortable with saying “no” allows us to CHOOSE – it’s the only way –

Are the choices easy? Of course not, otherwise we’d all know which option to choose easily, effortlessly.  Let’s face it – to someone else, what they are asking for is important to them – sometimes it’s urgent – sometimes it’s an emergency – to them!  Is it urgency or an emergency for us?

To get to the point where choices are easier to make here is a tip:

Take your schedule for an entire month and book in everything YOU need and want including travel time to work, work, exercise, meals, rest, sleep, hobbies, etc.  each and every day.   These are non-negotiable – don’t give any of this time up for anything or anyone else failing a true emergency.  Now, you know exactly how much time you have available for everyone else – book accordingly.  You’ll be amazed how creative you’ll become!  More than anything, you’ll feel so good about your life!

That’s it – it’s that easy and that hard!

Lorraine Arams

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