Does Mortality Factor into Time Management?

Does mortality factor into time management?  It should.  Why?

Because when people are faced the finite reality of their time on earth, it is amazing how attitudes change about how they are spending their time on earth.  It is amazing how flowers, trees and things and people  they really love really come into focus – they don’t want to spend their time any longer experiencing the parts of life which they don’t enjoy.

It is a reality of the human condition – we are all going to die – when?  Nobody knows – it could be today, tomorrow or 50 years from now –

If you knew you were going to die 3 years from now, would you be spending your time the way you are now? If not, what would you change?  What’s preventing you from changing now?

If you are spending your time doing what you want to do, then you are one of the few lucky people on earth.  Most people stay with what they’ve got no matter how much they dislike it – the job provides the security they seek, the spouse provides the stability, the family members are tolerated just in case they’re needed somewhere along the line, colleagues are entertained when these same people would never be friends and a host of other activities are encompassed within the boundaries of time – just in case there might be a benefit at some future date.

Why?  The life they want is not something they have – better to keep what you have then risk the unknown. Yet . . . . there is always a longing . . . . and there is always “I must, I must, I must” – it keeps people in a frenzy of activity – spending time with people they don’t particularly like, doing things for others they don’t want to do and being places where they don’t want to be.

If a people keep fighting against themselves, then there is a constant trying to “catch up” to themselves. They think if they fill their nights and days with enough activity, they won’t notice all the things they are doing they don’t really want to do!

How do you think that is different from someone whose main objective is to do all they enjoy, be with the people they really like and go places where they really want to be?  Can you feel the calmness in that approach . . . . we all can but more often than not we do the opposite.

If you did factor in your mortality, what would you be doing? Would you be spending your time living the life you want or living the life you think will deliver what you only imagine?  How disappointed will you be if people don’t deliver?  What if you’re fired – what if your spouse leaves you – what if your family won’t support you when you need it – what if your colleagues stab you in the back?  What will you have left?

How would you be spending your time today if you factored in your own mortality?

Lorraine Arams
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Did something special happen for you on Monday? It did for me

Monday this week had a surprise waiting for me.  I opened my email and there was a special and unique communication waiting for me – my inclusion in USA Today article by Andrea Kay – and it made my day!  A little thing in a big publication and I am very grateful!

It was special!  I responded to a request and, voila!  international exposure!

Andrea Kay is a well-known career consultant who authored, “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers: 9 steps to get out of your funk and on to your future.”

Two people, connected by the web, and each contributing something to one another – what better human connection could there be!

Monday – something special did happen on many levels – it happened for me and it can happen for you – through one of the greatest communication tools we’ve ever had – the web.

Lorraine Arams
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It’s Friday – What Does It Mean for You?

It’s Friday – what does that mean for you? 

Does it mean two days off or does it mean more work or does it mean chaos or does it mean spending time with friends and family or does it mean a chance to regroup or does it mean, at last, a day to sleep in soon?

For many people, Friday is not the end of the week but the beginning – they work different hours, different shifts.  For others it is the end of the week.  So if start of the week Friday person meets up with end of the week Friday person, they’ll see Friday’s quite differently!

Either way, Friday is a new opportunity – a new day – the good news is that you’re here to experience it.  The bad news could be your attitude – how you face either day first thing will make it a bad or a good day – it’s your choice!  Yep – your choice!  What do you choose – make it a great day or mumble and moan?

Friday can be a great day or a downer day – what does it mean to you?  Opportunity or “the same old, same old”?  How do you want to spend those 24 little hours?

Lorraine Arams
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Time management – why do people continue to fail

Time management – why do people continue to fail – it’s not what you might think it is!

You might think it’s because someone:

  • has not found the right system or
  • hasn’t taken the right course or
  • is undisciplined or
  • is disorganized or
  • is crazy or
  • is plagued with character flaws

Not so . . . time management, as with all other things we learn during our lifetime must have the right foundation.  The right foundation to anything we do or are in our lives is firmly established in our thoughts.  How do we acquire those thoughts?

How we perceive ourselves and the world has been a slow process of learning from our parents, teachers, society as a whole, books, observations, school, courses,  etc.  All this information gathering occurs throughout our lifetime but especially as children and collectively, it determines how we will behave on any front in our lives. 

It is how we think of ourselves which determines how we do things.

So it is with time management – we can have the very best system in the world at our finger tips but if our thoughts are not focused on the right target, then nothing will work for us – nothing.  We can pay $15,000 for a course on time management or $20,000 for coaching or $1,000 for great software but if we simply don’t have the right approach to time management, nothing will work – nothing.

Time management – why do people continue to fail?  Because we don’t think our time is our own!  

We believe our time belongs to everyone else in our lives

Why?  Because we’ve been trained to think that way.  And we’ve been trained that someone else will create the structure for us – because they have for most of our lives.  Parents and/or nannies and day care workers structure our activities when we’re very small.  When we get to school, the education system determines what we do and when we do it and then most people get a job.  The employer structures our time – when we will arrive, when we will take our breaks and when we will leave – and even what they need for us to accomplish.   And every other group a person belongs to adds more structure – when church services are held, when meetings are held for your volunteer organization, etc.  Well . . . yes . . . otherwise how could we operate as a society?  Perhaps that’s true but we really don’t know, do we,  since we don’t know any other way.

The time problem, however, is personal.  And if our time is “wild and wooly” then it affects our health, relationships and our confidence – we begin to see ourselves as out of control, unable to manage our lives – most people don’t face time management because they know subconsciously that the problem is within them – deep in the psyche – and who wants to go there?  Who has the time?

If we don’t take the time to take control of our lives – our time – (without time there is no life), we get what we get – sometimes lives of quiet desperation. 

What’s the first step?  Putting ourselves first – always – with every decision we make on where we are spending your time.  What is our most cherished pay off?  How well do we know ourselves and our relationship with time?

It’s the most difficult thing for the majority of people to do – very, very hard.  Why?  Because it means that WE are NOW  in charge of the structure of our lives!  What a foreign concept for most people!

I know it exists for sure because I see it all the time with small business people and my own personal experience – the most difficult problem with becoming an entrepreneur if you have never been one is creating your own structure – that’s why most people give up owning their own business – it’s too difficult to create a structure that works for them – one that makes money – they’ve been “trained” in the opposite direction!  Most look for a job when the reality of owning a small business sets in – structure around earning money – there are no guesses – we know what time we have to spend and how much we’ll earn – built in structure.

Be sure to look for my series on small business coming soon – as is usual for me, this series will contain some revolutionary notions – sometimes complete departures from the “same old stuff” you’ve been told about small business.  In the end, though, these “notions” will save you a lot of time, money and energy!

Lorraine Arams
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Do Goals Limit You?

Do goals limit you?  Have you ever even thought about that question?

Last night, I took a break and watched some famous chefs telling people about great foods in US restaurants.  At one point, an interviewer asked one of these successful chefs about goal setting.

The chef replied something to the effect, “I don’t set goals.  They limit me too much”.  That got me thinking because I know that to be a great chef, a person needs to be very creative and continuously learning.

I had never thought about goals limiting an individual.  We’ve been taught that setting goals is imperative to success.

I thought about it.  In a way, it’s true.  To set goals and ride after them does limit a person from pursuing whatever “pops up”.  However, whatever pops up might send a person into a multitude of directions and they end up nowhere.

But what had made this person an acclaimed chef?  Was it a desire, a goal to be a great chef? 

It’s likely true that this chef had not set any formal goals because the main goal absorbed the whole being.  To be a great chef, of course, a lot of training is required from the right instructors at the right schools, work in the right kitchens, get known by other chefs, and then, eventually, create a definitive, winning style. 

Nonetheless, the goal had been set, informally – in the chef’s head at the beginning of the journey – destination:  great chef.

If you know anything about becoming a chef, you know that becoming a great one is all consuming – a person lives, breathes, thinks and is totally absorbed in food and food preparation – it’s a vocation almost – they’ll do it for free if they have to!  The dedication and hard work is far beyond any other profession on the planet!  It’s not surprising – look at all the pleasure they bring to other people and the satisfaction of becoming so good at what you do, you know in your whole being that you are consistently creating the best you can create!  They know too that not all great chefs become well-known or make millions of dollars but they do it for the love of it – true love – like few other professions can boast.

So . . . yes, this chef did set a goal – but not formally.  And this chef achieved that goal and continues to achieve it because it’s  forever evolving – some goals are like that – the goals never really end during a person’s life time.  And chefs never retire – they just keep on cooking all their lives!   But, without having set that initial goal to be a great chef, this person may have ended up being a plumber!

Does goal setting limit you?  Yes – it does – to achieving what you want. 

Is that a good thing?  It can be as long as you know what you want.  If you don’t know what you want, then setting goals can be as devastating as not setting them. 

Like the chef, when the right goal is set because that’s what you really, really want, then the momentum begins, the energy is directed – it’s like a car – when you know the route, you steer the car in that direction and propel it forward to your destination by stepping on the gas – the car doesn’t wonder all over the road, backstreets nor in the opposite direction.  There might be some stops along the way, some detours and some pot holes, but, you get there.  It’s the same with goals – set and go – expect things to get in your way but you know what you want at the start. 

Lorraine Arams
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