Save Your Time and Money – Use the Software You Already Have

It could all be right here!


Save your time – save your money – the software you already have can likely do what you need to get done.


 So often, I’m talking to people who wish they could find software to do a process they need to use.  When I listen to their issue and ask a couple of questions, I often find they can accomplish the task with software they already have.  

We’ve been conditioned to looking to the latest and greatest in software and hardware development.  Most people, quite frankly, don’t really need more than they already have. 

For instance, Microsoft Outlook has so many more parts than just receiving and sending emails and storing them.  

  •  Did you know that you can use Outlook as a great time management tool? 
  • Did you know you can also use Outlook as a project management tool
  • And did you know that the Task List helps you combine the best of the “To Do” list with time management? 
  • Even some very simple things such as having all your email accounts come through your Outlook instead of having to visit several sites!  Did you know you could do that? 
  • Did you know that Outlook is a great contact management program for small business?  Even for you personally – never forget anyone’s birthday ever again! 
  • Did you know you can use Outlook to promote yourself and/or your business? 
  • Did you know you can use Outlook to help you with procrastination?  It’ll nag you – the best nagger you’ve ever had! 

This week I’ll review in general the most important components of Outlook to help you with Time Management.  I’ll give you some tips on how to use it to create a complete system and, if you have a PDA, you’ll be so incredibly pleased with the results – it’s not necessary to buy a ton of software – just learn to use what you’ve got!  Save your time!  Save your money!  Instead of looking for new software, look inside your own computer for the answer. 

 Stay tuned!  Every day this week, I’ll have some suggestions for using Outlook to the max – and on Friday I’ll show you how to put it all together to make it a complete system! 


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What can you do this week-end to inspire your work next week

Fun - it's inspirational!

What can you do this week-end to inspired your work next week? 

Everything but work!  

Yes, it’s that simple.  When you constantly work – week days and week-ends, your brain hasn’t the time to “look” elsewhere for inspiration.

Being inspired is a mysterious human experience.  You’d think that the more you worked, the more inspired you’d become.  Actually, it’s partially true.  if you are the inventor type – because every time something doesn’t work, you try another way.   But . . . did you ever notice that when you read about famous inventors they loved to walk?  Why walking?  It’s the shortcut to inspiration – your body is moving so the blood is circulating better.  Your eyes see different things in the environment – trees, grass, leaves, animals, new people, new things, growth and decay, clouds, and a host of other distractions which allow the brain to “rest” from the “processing” of the issue you are currently working on.  And so it goes if you distract the brain through sport or socializing or reading novels or involving yourself with your community.

This week-end – do everything but work – and you’ll find that by Sunday night or Monday morning, you’ll feel rejuvenated, fresh and inspired to make it a great work week – accomplishments, meeting deadlines, getting new ideas and meeting the expectations of your job effortlessly – you’ll be inspired! 

Try it – you might like it!

Lorraine Arams
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Home remedies to relieve your stress


At home – feeling good!

What  do I mean by “home remedies” to relieve your stress? 

 It means doing things in your home which counter your stress levels      

When you get home, do you feel even more stress or do you feel more relaxed?  Why?  What is it about your home which makes you feel that way?      

If it’s calming, then try to repeat it in the rest of your home – colors, furniture, quiet, music, or you arrive before everyone else  and you have that little bit of time all to yourself – what is it that contributes to the relaxation effect?  Repeat.      

If coming home adds to stress levels, what exactly is the “thing” that creates more anxiety?  Is it the mess?  Is it the unwashed dishes?  Is it immediate demands on you by others in the household?         

What change can you make which would allow you what you need to feel more relaxed when you get home?  DO IT – NOW – TODAY – If it’s the mess, clean up before you go to bed at night including washing the dishes – schedule the time and do it – or delegate it – kids and spouses can be assigned the chores – and don’t jump in to do it – instead hold their feet to the fire and get them to clean up.  If it’s demands, let your family know that you will be going into your room for 30 minutes when you get home and you are not to be disturbed – don’t respond when there’s a knock on the door – they’ll eventually learn.  And so on.        

Then make appointments with yourself for self-care – stick to them too – otherwise you’re lying to yourself and you’ll feel even worse.  For instance, say that on Sunday night, you’d like an hour and a half for personal grooming and a bath.  Schedule it and let others in the household know that it’s your special time and you don’t want to be disturbed unless the “house” is burning down!  Spend that time grooming and relaxing – music, candles, a glass of wine, a tub pillow and lots and lots of bubble bath – do your manicure and pedicure – read a little – even nap a little . . . .       

What are the home remedies?      

  • decor
  • delegation
  • agreements with other members of the household
  • time for yourself – it’ll make you feel good about yourself because you care enough to take time solely for you (yes, even if you have young children – your spouse can care for them and respect your space)
  • grooming – there’s nothing that makes a person feel better when they look better – manicures and pedicures really do that for a person – the benefits last the whole week – you look good!
  • wine – a glass of wine relaxes you – not a whole bottle – a glass or two of wine really help the relaxation factor
  • bubble bath – it makes you feel luxurious – and add sea salt and epsom salt to help your body soothe tired muscles and skin
  • tub pillow and a big fat luxurious towel – the tub pillow relaxes the neck muscles and provides support for the head and the towel adds to that sense that you are taking good care of yourself
  • candles – get a scent that you love – the scent is a great way to tell the brain this is “me time” and I’m relaxing here –
  • nap – it refreshes you –

How does that feel do you think?  Good – you betcha!      

Home remedies consist of many facets of your life at home and each one is designed for self-care      

If you care for yourself, you’ll be more relaxed and able to tackle the challenges life offers – look good, feel good – a good foundation for good time management.  Will it end there?  Of course not but this is a good beginning and, once you experience the benefits, you’ll likely stick to them      

  • feeling good about yourself
  • feeling good about the fact that others love you enough to accept sharing chores instead of dumping everything on your shoulders and not disturbing you during “time for yourself alone”
  • looking good because you take the time to care for yourself and feel more in control of world 
  • keeping promises to yourself for yourself

Hmmmmm – sound good?      

What does this have to do with time management – why would a site dedicated to time management talk about stress?  Relieve stress and time management becomes easier.  Everything affects our ability to manage our time effectively.     We’ll look at the connection in a future blog. 

 Lorraine Arams
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If You’re Stressed, How do you Change – Part II


This is how you might be feeling with stress!

In my last article, I gave you some quick ways to begin the process of “de-stressing”.   Stress has many layers and if you want to change, you need to try many things before you know what works for you.   

I indicated that we would be looking at a few more ways to help you in achieving or regaining control over your own life.   

I’ll repeat something I said in the previous article:  no one can de-stress in a short period of time though anyone can do small things every single day which will build towards that end.  It took a long time to get into the current state and it will take some time to “unravel” the learned behaviors which propelled you into this state in the first place.   

Okay – here are three more things you can do –    

1)  Medical Attention:  I personally am not enamoured with the medical system as it exists today because the focus is mainly on money rather than helping people.  This focus changed when the doctors stopped going to patient’s homes and instead had patients come to them – it took real dedication as a doctor to make “house calls” but today, they allocate 10 minutes per appointment and see as many people as possible to make the most money possible.  Have you ever tried to figure out someone’s problem in 10 minutes?  Can’t be done but anyhow, it is what it is.  There are still many good doctors out there who are patient focused but they are few and far between.   

So how can you get help from the medical community – no matter which way you do it, it’ll be expensive –    

a)  one of the quickest but least desirable is to get a drug.  Yes, drugs do help diminish the symptoms if you are in an acute state of stress but only for a while.  Like any drug, their effectiveness wears out fairly quickly and the answer to that, of course, is to increase the dosage.  I ask you this, however:  do you really need to another problem to your list of issues?  I think it’s better to find more “natural” ways to cope   

b)  talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist who specializes in acute stress issues.  This process will be a long one and expensive.  You might want to consider alternatives   

2)  Alternative Medicine – This is a better avenue, however, be very careful what you buy into – it may end up being more expensive and no more effective than the standard medical world.  And make sure that the people you are dealing with are properly trained from an accredited school – there are many claims made by many people who know very little especially in pyramid marketing.  Nonetheless, some techniques work very well for some people such as:   

a)  Massage – For me, this is the very best of all if you can afford it.  Why?  Because it “gives the body a break”!  When a person is stressed out, the body takes a real hit – the tension builds up in the muscles and tendons making the body stiff and sore, the organs don’t work well because they are trying to cope with a body and mind under siege and the mind, well, we all know how “crazy” our mind gets.     

Make sure that the person providing the massage is a licensed practitioner from a good school.  Why?  Because a lot of people call themselves massage therapists but have no more than 2 months of training if at all – it’s not enough.  The program should be at least a year and they should have graduated.  And there are many different spas – try several to see which one you prefer – some are wonderful, others are tacky.   

What type of massage?  You’ll have to decide for yourself.  There’s the Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue – just to name a few and each one has its benefits.  I started with Deep Tissue but many people simply can’t take the impact.  And a massage less than an hour is ineffective.     

Massage will help your mind, your emotions and your body – you may find yourself crying as the body releases the tension and you may even sob – all if it very, very good for you.   

It’s expensive – at first, you’ll likely need a massage twice a week for a while, then once week until you see yourself getting under control – and settle into a massage routine of every second or third week.  The health benefits are enormous!   

b)  Biofeedback – There are many charletans in this arena – biofeedback with a licensed and experienced practitioner can be very effective though it does take many sessions and should really be accompanied by some counseling.   

c)  Counseling – There are some good counselors but, again, it’s finding the right one.   

d)  Coaching – Coaching can be a good alternative and it also takes time.  Some coaches charge outrageous amounts of money and this is the least effective of all.  Anyone can be a coach and, even the coaches with accreditation are simply accredited to be  coach, not a counselor.  Coaching works best in other arenas where the process is more specific.   

3)  Books – there are many excellent books, however, the problem with books is that they are written for the general population, not you personally.   Nonetheess, a good book is very helpful and reading is something which can be done a little bit every day.   

 Feeling Good is one of those books that was written long ago but is still one of the most effective books on the market.  It’s very good especially for anyone who wants real knowledge from someone who worked with stressed people and was able to help them.  Another helpful resource is Stress Management – a comprehensive guide to wellness.    

Next, we’ll look at some “home remedies” for stress.   

Why am I giving you all these suggestions?  Because each one helps in its own way and no one knows, not even you, exactly what will be the right combination of things to do in order to “de-stress” and get back to a healthy state for your body and mind.  Stress and how to effect change is a process even though your tendency is to get a “quick fix” – you’re in so much agony – you just want relief!     

Stress is the result of a combination of factors – it’s never just one thing though it may be just one thing that really takes your stress from normal to a state of “over the top”.  Breath – take a lot of deep breaths all day long every day!   

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It’s Monday – Are You Grateful? Really . . . You’re Not?


Explode with Gratitude – it’s Monday!


It’s Monday – Are You Grateful?  Really . . . you’re not?

You woke up this morning – you had a shower, food to eat, money for transportation and a job to go to.   And if you are reading this, you have access to the internet somehow.  Are you grateful or are you taking it all for granted because you’ve always had it? 

Did you ever think of the alternative?  No job, no money, no housing, no food – living under a bridge trying to keep warm! 

Wouldn’t happen to you?  You’d be amazed what could happen to you and how quickly your life can become totally unraveled!  It’s happened to thousands and thousands of people whom we seldom hear about because, as a society, we really don’t want to see that kind of reality in our own country – our psyche can’t bear the thought that it could be us in one of those tent cities which have sprung up everywhere in North America.   

I still see the faces of those people who were willing to be interviewed for a television news magazine.  They had done all the right things – paid their mortgage, saved their money, raised their children, went to work every day and did a a good job – then – POW!!!!  Lost everything – house, cars, furniture, clothing, prized possessions, contact with families, jobs, and savings – now living in a tent! 

If it’s Monday and you’re at work, “kiss the day” – love it – find how you can contribute more at work – how can you turn your wish not to be at work into a statement of gratitude for the opportunity to earn another dollar in order to secure a roof over your head, a shower, food on the table and stay healthy!  Are you doing your best? 

Gratitude is something we so easily forget because we are so used to having so much!   

Today, Monday and every Monday – every day – doesn’t it make sense to acknowledge what you have with gratitude instead of “wishing” away your life?  There are thousands and thousands of people who would like to be in your shoes right now! 

Lorraine Arams
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