Our Time May Be Up – The Bees are Dying

Our time on earth may be up – the bees are dying!  If the bees die, we die – it’s very simple equation!  Why?  Because bees pollinate our plants which give us our food.  No food – no life.

Except for Australia, bees are dying all over the world.  That’s how toxic our earth has become.

Remember the miners who used to take the canary down into the mines to tell them whether there were toxic gases in the mine which would kill them.  If the bird died, then the miners knew it was not safe for them.

The bees are dying on the surface of our earth telling us that we humans are not far behind.  There are places on earth already where humans are trying to do bees’ jobs by hand pollinating the plants – it’s not working very well.  Imagine the millions of flowers in an orchard, in a garden – everywhere.  Imagine if our primary job all over the world would be to pollinate every single flower on earth by hand!

Daily Planet last night had a segment on the extinction of the bees.  It was alarming.  Queen Bees are now being exported from Australia to other parts of the world in an attempt to repopulate the bee colonies.

Think about it people – no bees = no food – worldwide! 

What can you do to help increase the bee population? 

Everyone can help whether you have a balcony or a garden:

  •  plant yellow and purple flowers such as sunflowers, blue bells, clover, etc. to attract the bees to your garden, window box, lawn, etc. 
  • don’t use pesticides on your lawn, gardens, trees – there are alternatives – look for them
  • support your local bee keepers – find them in your area and connect with them – see what you can do to help
  • here are a few sites to give you some information – you’ll see that Haagen Daaz ice cream company has a campaign on their site along with information how you can get involved
  • call your local university and find out if they have information – researchers worldwide are trying to understand the issues and find solutions





It won’t take much to help – please do your part!  It’s time.  The bees have been in trouble for many years now and, globally, it’s a crisis now –  it’s about your life and all the people you love in this world – we must, the people, take charge of our earth!

Do You Know How to Learn Well

Do you know how to learn well?  How much time is being wasted?

Perhaps in school, we had some good habits and  grades reflected our mastery of learning the topics.

In school, however, it was a matter, mostly, of learning from a textbook, memorizing and regurgitating it on in an exam.  In college, it was a matter of regurgitating the information gathered in a paper and on exams.  However, except for certain subjects such as the sciences or some of the arts programs, there was no hands on practical application of what had been learned.

Into adulthood and onto the job, slowly but surely  life became rushed as responsibility upon responsibility was piled into your life.  But we still had to learn new things to keep up.  There were no exams.  There were reports to do – the difference – application. More and more, rushing through things became the norm.

Combine “rush” and “learning” and there’s a recipe for “skimming”.  Skimming in the sense that when in a classroom or seminar, there is a tendency to text, answer emails on the laptop or surf the net, think about solving the problems at work or at home and to be, therefore, not really present. 

Present, attentive and understanding the application of what is being taught are absent in most of today’s learning experiences.  See the man running with the books – that’s how most people’s minds are sitting in a room – how well is it working?  The books are flying off the pile aren’t they?  And that’s knowledge acquired through the maze of thoughts going through a brain while trying to absorb something new – it won’t happen (books flying off the pile) or some information will be retained, however, the chances are the knowledge will have to be reviewed.  What will this man have to do?  Back track – he’ll have to go back and pick up the books that fell along the path – a waste of time and energy.

In terms of wasted time, it’s tremendous.  Why?  Generally, learning in adulthood is related to an application – something required on the job such as new software or new systems or changes in the company.  If a person is not paying attention in the learning environnment, then it will have to be learned again some other way – by wasting colleagues’ time, wasting time trying to plow through it with a manual, making errors and having to correct the errors, possibly getting more and more confused because the questions were not asked, a step was missed, or simply no real learning was possible because of the distractions which were taking up the attention required to learn.

So, how do you learn well and stop wasting time?  Here are   some tips:

  1. prepare the brain just prior to the lecture, seminar, training, etc. by calming it down.  A calm brain works well.  We need to take an attitude of acceptance that today, between such and such hours, we need to pay attention and absorb as much as possible without any distractions.
  2. gather the material needed:  course outline, two or three pens, paper to write on, bottle of water, lunch if required or a snack (we do get so hungry when we’re learning, don’t we?) and any other material required for the course.  Shut off  cell phones or PDAs or laptops at least an hour before the training and put them away in a zippered part of your bag so the access will be more difficult.  It’s a good idea to take that time to look at the course outline, read something about the program or the books or learning material sent to ahead of time. 
  3. arrive early and finding a seat we like to set the “atmosphere“. 
  4. pay attention, make notes, ask questions, get as many details as possible.  One of the things we don’t do is ask enough questions because we think that when we’re asking about details, we’ll seem foolish. In actual fact, others will likely appreciate the question being asked – they have missed it or it’s a good review.  We should make sure we understand what is being taught so at breaks, we can use the time to  write a couple of paragraphs about what you have learned.  Anything we’ve missed will become evident.  We can then ask the questions during or after the break to make sure we have a thorough understanding.  The more ways we absorb the information, the better –  auditory (listening to the instructor), tactile (taking notes), visual (drawing diagrams or visualizing it in the mind, notes, reading), recitation (writing a paragraph or more about what we’ve learned to see if there are any gaps in our learning) and any other techniques that work particularly well for our style of learning. 
  5. apply the knowledge as soon after the learning as possible.  The sooner we can apply new knowledge, the easier it will be to use.  Use it or lose it!


Lorraine Arams

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Let Your Computer Train You!

We all know that change takes time whether it’s personal, societal  or organizational.  The only type, of course, we have control over is our own changes we want to pursue.  Save yourself some time and use a new time management tool.

Use your computer to train you.  How?  There are many, many ways. 

Most people would never think of using their computer for training but it’s a fabulous tool.  Yes, it’s my thing but I hope it helps you too.

Here are some scenarios:

1.  Say you are going to school at night to upgrade your credentials or enter a new career.  Use your computer to ask you questions.  How?  In your Calendar, there is a recurrence setting available.  Use the message box in the Calendar to list the questions and then set a recurrence patterns.  The item will pop up on your screen at the time you set.   You can also use Task or Journal – depends on your subject matter and how you like to learn.  I prefer calendar because I can just add questions easily and the answers way at the bottom.  I like studying this way because, once I can answer the questionis faster and faster, I know I understand the material better and better.  Just formulate questions as you read the textbooks.

2.  You want to change a behavior or you want to start every day with a positive mind set or attitude.  Create affirmations or quotes on your Outlook Calendar which rotate again on the recurring settings – a different inspiration every day.

3.  You want to add something into your life such as exercise every lunch hour but exercise is not exactly something you love to do. And we all do the same, don’t we – when we really don’t like doing something even though we know it’s really beneficial, we’ll sabotage ourselves.   However, say, you’re determined you’ll walk at lunch for 1/2 hour 3 times per week.  Set a recurring date on your calendar to remind you a half hour prior to the time for your exercise that it’s your exercise day.  The bonus here is that you won’t be likely to make another lunch time booking if you already have it in your calendar.

I’m sure you can think up of all kinds of uses for these tools – use your computer as your “nag” – let the computer nag you and we all know what happens when we are constantly reminded to do something – despite our best efforts to avoid it, we get “programmed” even if we delete, it still enters our consciousness.  Eventually, we can’t help ourselves from taking action. 

What does Spring Time Mean to You?

It’s Springtime soon!  What does it mean for you?

Rejuvenation?  Light?  Energy?  Getting outside again in sunshine?

Spring can be a perfect time to “renew your New Year’s resolutions” – remember?????  – oh, where are they again!

February and March can get quite hectic for people as does April but there will be long week-ends and holidays like Easter.  Maybe it’s a time to think about how you will spend your summer – friends, family and fun – the 3 Fs!

Renewal – what will it be for you?

It would be fun to know how Spring works for you . . . I welcome your comments.

Lorraine Arams

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