sickSo when can you be sick? Is there a good time?  Never.  Being sick is miserable even if it is only the “common cold” which doesn’t feel so common as you go through the symptoms!

The best thing to do, as we all know, is to avoid it in the first place – easier said than done, isn’t it?  We all know the rules – eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise, take your vitamins daily, and wash your hands a lot.  If only life were so perfect that we never over extend ourselves especially at Christmas or at other holiday times.

Let’s say you get sick – what then?  Some people will deny it as much as possible.  They’ll go to work as usual and pretend it’s just a tough day.  Some people will book off work and stay home.  Others will stay home a day or so and then get back to work.  What’s best?  There is no best in this case.  The ideal is to stay home from the time you become sick to the time you become well.  Most of us don’t have that luxury.  We have x number of sick days if any.  Then we start losing pay.

There really isn’t any solution to this dilemma except win the lottery so you don’t have to go to work.  Aside from that, help yourself – here are some tips:

a)  drink hot water, lemon and honey many times during the day.  Really helps with the vitamins, keeps the body hydrated and the honey helps soothe coughs

b)  rest a few times during the day.  Just tell the boss that you’re not feeling good and you’ll be putting your head down a few times during the day.  When you get tired, just lay your head on your arms at your desk and rest for a few minutes

c)  at lunch hour, try to find a place where you can stretch and rest such as a bench in a public place or, if your boss will allow it, stretch out under your desk; most workplaces won’t allow it for obvious reasons

d)  eat a lot of yogurt to keep the healthy bacteria count high in your system as your body fights off the “bugs”

e)  drink diluted juices such as cranberry juice.  Why diluted?  To reduce the calorie count and give your body some water too which it needs to help clear out the system

f)  ask if you can work 1/2 days for 3 or 4 days – just being to sleep in mornings is often a good remedy

g)  plan nothing – go home after work and rest – that’s all – rest. 

h)  eat light – salads, soup – they’re nourishing and easy to eat.

i)  embrace being sick – don’t deny or fight it – help your body heal with healing thoughts – accept what is and do what you can to help yourself get over it.

j)  Use the day and night products on the market – they really help.  You’ll likely have to try a few types of the capsules because not all of them work equally well for everyone.  For one person, a no-name brand is fine, and for another it isn’t but they really help you get through the day.

k)  This is one time when you don’t exercise – your body needs all its energy to get well.

l)  If your room is dry, add some steam or a humidifier to your room.  A simple pot on the stove with hot water can help but you’ll need to remember not to go to bed with it on.

m)  At home, put some menthol in a pot of hot water – it helps you breathe better if you have a bad cold.  Even Vicks Vapor Rub in a pot of hot water soothes.

Get well!

Lorraine Arams


Christmas, It’s about Creating Memories!

countdown-sub-thumbCan you remember your Christmases?  Most people can remember many. 

Why?  Because emotions run high at Christmas.  There’s great anticipation.  Much care is taken to pick just the right gifts for your family and families.  There’s Christmas music everywhere for at least a month ahead of the festivities, Christmas concerts, Christmas charity events, Christmas parties, Christmas decor in stores, at major hotels – and the lights – so many people put up lights on their houses, their balconies, inside their homes and, of course, the grand daddy of them all – the Christmas tree and all that entails.

Is it surprising then that people can remember Christmas day?  Presents, great food, great friends, family,  excitement, thrills, playing games, talking, connecting and just the sheer joy of being together!  

One day every single year the world seems to stand still – few if any stores and businesses are open and everyone makes a point of being together even flying thousands and thousands of miles to unite.

Being together creates the memories!  And every Christmas is different.  No two are exactly alike.  That warm fuzzy feeling lasts for quite a while after that day and as people go into the new year, they are still “satisfied” from connecting.

You have no one to connect to?  You can if you want.  Make a special Christmas day at your place – invite other people who have nowhere to go and have a feast.  Plan some games or whatever.  I did it for years and it was a lot of fun because I just never knew who would be coming. We left the door open for people to bring someone else they knew who didn’t have a place to go Christmas day.  We had some very good laughs and people were so appreciative for the efforts.  Years later, I would meet people who had come and they still remembered what a wonderful time they had.

Christmas might not be perfect, but it’s what you make of it! 

What memories will you create this Christmas?


 NEWSPAPER CUT OUTHoroscopes are generally positive – they’ll never tell you something horrible – so it’s a good way to start a day – with something positive about what could potentially happen.  Are they generalized?  Yes, of course.  Are they always relevant to your life?  No. 

Yes, I know  – a lot of people think this is hocus pocus.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Astrologers have been hired by heads of state, film stars, VIPs and a host other people.  Are they predictions of what is to be or only warnings of what might happen if you don’t pay attention?

Who knows and who cares – what I can say about reading your horoscope every day is that it often has good news for me or makes me think about something – either way, it’s a positive – and what a great way to start the day – on a positive note!  




baby pictureWe come into this world with nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Not a picnic basket or a set of rules or a manual.  You’d expect at least a manual – but no, you have to spend your life figuring yourself out!  

Eventually, though, we learn to have expectations – we expect to have the perfect prom, the ideal spouse, the great place to live, a smashing car, a high paying job and a host of other wonderful things in our life.

Life doesn’t always fulfill our expectations.  And, eventually, everyone learns that little known fact no matter how many goals you set.  

What if we didn’t have any expectations at all?  What would life be like?

You’d never, ever be disappointed because everything would be a surprise.  Wouldn’t it be easier to accept whatever happens to us? 

Give this little idea a whirl – expect nothing for a day and see what happens.  You might be amazed how wonderful life really is because, without expectations.  You’ll see what is, not how you want everything and everyone to be.

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