Peter Drucker, a genius on matters of management, said:  “Give your resources to your opportunities”.  If only people did this, can you imagine how much time and energy could be saved and put towards high productivity and self-advancement instead?

And, if bosses instead of criticizing would be looking for the best in you, wouldn’t life on the job be stimulating and motivating?

So why doesn’t it happen?

At an early age, we are told are the things we shouldn’t do and throughout life, others are quick to point out what’s wrong with us rather than what’s great about us!  Not true, you say.  Well, that’s not my experience – every time I compliment someone about something great they did (doesn’t have to be fireworks type of great) or on some positive personal trait, they are shocked – grateful – but almost suspicious of someone complimenting them.  They wait for me to ask them for something!

In the workplace, the “bosses” are taught they rule – others obey!  How positive is that?  With an attitude like that, the boss is immediately behind the eight ball.  Of course, the boss in this case will be looking for all that is wrong instead of all that is right.

Would it be a better strategy and save a lot of time if the boss instead was looking for each person’s most positive attributes and enhance the enterprise’s fortunes by maximizing the best talent?  Can you imagine how energizing it would be if you were allowed to show all of you that is extraordinary? 

“I’m the boss” is possibly the most toxic attitude in the workplace.  It’s foundation is at the root of all that is negativity about working at a job – it encourages politics, gossip, and everything else which the worst of the human condition.

Imagine a workplace where your boss sees only your best sides, talents and abilities!  Wouldn’t that be something!  And not only does the boss see it, the boss let’s you use them in the master plan!  How motivated would you be – would you be waking up, raring to go to work instead of experiencing the “Monday blues” 5 days a week!

You betcha!  And not only would you be benefitting, so would your workplace.  Can you imagine if everyone brought their best to work and the focus was on the positive instead of politics and criticism, how the entire atmostphere of the workplace would change?  From a place looking for “comformity” to a dynamic, exciting place where everyone is accepted and appreciated for all they are and do!

So why don’t we do it?  I think it’s because we are so “ingrained” – all of us –  in looking for the bad in ourselves and others.  It starts small – “no” when we’re little to “it’s not done that way” as we grow up.

We waste so much time on the negativity – looking for the bad.

How can you be different?  Adopt Peter Drucker’s philosophy – concentrate on using the best parts of you in your life and on enhancing those best parts!  Novel idea, huh?  Especially since we’re always trying to “fix ourselves”.

Stop fixing!  Start building!  Try it – you might like it!


ist1_5705386_gold_dubloonsWhat’s the big deal someone asked me.  This person felt that sales are everything.  It doesn’t matter if operations run amok as long as sales are high. 

The logic here is:  “If I’m making a lot of money, it doesn’t matter if my kid buys a Ferrari every month and wrecks it.  The money is there!?  

No one in their right mind would say such a thing but when people say that “sales is everything and nothing else counts” then it’s tantamount to saying the same thing.  (yes, I know, it’s called marketing today)

Take Government for instance –   spend, spend, spend – there’s more where that came from – and our taxes go higher and higher and higher – and then the ingenious bureaucrats come up with all kinds of new ways to tax us so that we don’t notice like new sales taxes or new transit fees or taxes on gasoline.  Inch by inch our income is taxed in one way or another while government continues wasting money as is readily apparent to taxpayers.  Do you even hear of anyone revamping government and cutting out waste?  They cut out jobs – it’s not the same thing!  In fact, it’s worse!  Now we have a government taxing us more than ever, reducing services by having fewer people in places where the public is being served – on the front lines –  increasing senior bureaucrats’ salaries and politicians’ as well as adding more and more expensive  perks for certain people while maintaining wasteful practices – doesn’t make sense, does it?

In your business or enterprise  or non-profit, you tax your clients too in a way.  If your expenses go up, then you increase your prices to secure the profit you are looking to achieve.  However, unlike government taxes where there are no limits, there is a limit what a client will pay for your services or products.  Do you first look at increasing sales or increasing efficiencies?

Here’s an example.  A company had a massive amount of material had to be shipped for events.  Operations were in chaos.

box - open with stuff sticking out

Just on the shipments alone, and there were many, at least half of the cost could have been saved  if operational efficiencies had been the norm to prevent the need for last-minute shipments.  Imagine that – at least 1/2 the cost saved!  That translated to thousands and thousands of dollars needlessly spent each and every month!  But hey, sales were everything and the millions kept rolling in – who cares about a few thousand dollars here and there?

A lot of people protest – but my workplace is not like that.  Really?  Did you ever try to call your place of business anonymously and ask typical questions which clients or would-be clients would ask?  Did you ever follow an order from beginning to end?  Did you talk to past customers who didn’t return?  Many people are surprised at what they find. 

Ah, and sometimes, the “boss” sees there’s a problem, blames everyone in the company and fires  all managers and executives.  Get some new blood in there –  what a stupid idea!

At a cost of around $40,000 or more to hire a new employee nowadays, is that truly cost efficient?  No.  Why?  Because it doesn’t solve the problem.  The problem is the “boss” – the lack of cohesiveness within the company which this person should be bringing to the operations is not happening.  If the boss can’t or won’t do it, then someone should.


What will good operations provide?  It’ll save money.  It’ll make time consumption more effective. It’ll make your customers happier.  It’ll make your employees happier.  The company will grow logically and someone will be in control of hiring only the people absolutely necessary to enhance the operations.  The sales people will be happier because they won’t have to deal with unhappy customers.  And, the “boss” will be happier because the profits will be higher for less effort.

So, if this is so fantastic, then why don’t people make sure their operations are sound, efficient and effective?  Why indeed!





A lot of people say, “I’m too busy.  I don’t have time for play!   Are you serious?”

Yes, I am because play – something you enjoy like playing casual basketball, softball or monopoly or tennis or golf or any other game you like – is a great time management tool.

Why?  Because it forces you to “let go” of the thoughts spinning out of control in your mind! 

If you’re worried about finances, keeping your job, a sick family member, or the budget for next year, these worries can “drag you into the dark recesses of your mind”.  Stress builds on itself.  If you don’t release yourself from these thoughts, then it will be increasingly difficult to resolve the issues at hand with clarity and sound judgement.

Weave play into your life at least once a week for at least a couple of hours – it’s not the same as working out in a gym where you can think about your problems or talking to someone or sitting alone – you need to play because it forces you to concentrate on what you are doing, communicate with others on a different level and releases the “feel good” chemicals in your brain to reduce your stress levels. 

Believe me – it works!  I know, I know – it’s the last thing you want to do – generally, that’s true when we’re stressed out but it’s the best thing you could do – get out there and play!!!


Here’s a tip for you – every morning save yourself time and energy. 

How?  Think positive thoughts from the moment you wake up and smile internally.

Why?  Because if you immediately start thinking about what’s wrong in your life, what you have to do today, how you hate to be going to work today, or how unhappy and stressed you are – guess what?  you will be – unhappy, stressed, on the job before you get there, and your energy will be sour!

Start fresh every day – it’s a new day – a new opportunity to change what you don’t like and add what you do like – put a smile on your face and in your heart – think happy – and think how lucky to be alive one more day – one more hour – no matter what energies are operating in your life right now! 

You – the you in it all – you can only control one thing – YOU!  So use the time you have in a fun and rewarding way!




It’s holiday time – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve – parties, fun, friends, family, decorating, baking, cooking, presents, gift buying . . . and whatever else is included in your traditions.

Don’t overload yourself!  Say no!  It’s a good time of the year to say no because you’ll run yourself ragged and when Christmas Day comes, you’ll be pooped!  Too pooped to pop the cork!

Here are a few more tips:

If you go to a lot of parties, discipline is key.  Stay an hour or an hour and a half, say hello, have a drink of something and leave.  Everyone will be happy to see you and you them, you’ll meet new people and have had some special time with people without over doing it.  If you stay 2, 3, 4 hours at every party, you will exhaust yourself.

Limit the amount of entertaining you will do.  Instead of a big formal dinners, have a drop in instead one afternoon and invite everbody – make it a Sunday afternoon – you can serve hors d’ouevres (there are some great frozen ones – heat and serve and have some fresh fruit and vegetables), a little Sangria or punch and you get to see a lot of people.  Some people will stay for an hour, others will linger a little – what a great way to entertain for the holidays

Pace yourself at work.  Lots of excitement and people bring in a lot of goodies at that time of the year.  Take more small breaks than usual – 5 minute breaks to take a few deep breaths and stretch – it’ll help keep the hype under control!

Gifts – shop a little every day rather than try to it all in one day – it’ll build the excitement slowly and before Christmas Day, you’ll have all your shopping done, gifts wrapped and be able to enjoy the beauty of yuletide season!

Entertain in January – January is often anti-climatic and people love it when holiday events take place in January.  Decorations are still up, people are more rested and they enjoy themselves more.  I did that one year and worked famously well.  Now I do it every year – it works!

Have a great Christmas – a fabulous New Year!

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