It's driving me crazy!

It's driving me crazy!

How often to you feel this way when someone says to you, “but that’s so easy, I don’t understand why it’s hard for you!”

And then you feel like this little chicken!!!  Wild!!! 

When you know how, it all works – easily but when you’re learning, it’s a whole other ballgame! 

What someone can do in a few minutes, can take you hours – why?  Usually because the person who knows how to do it misses one small detail in passing on the knowledge so you struggle and struggle, ask questions but you don’t know what you are really suppose to ask, you get frustrated and the person showing you gets frustrated and  . . . . . it’s a disaster!

Take a break!  You’ll be wasting a lot of time trying to listen or trying to do something when you are frustrated!  Go for a walk – “refresh” the brain – and now, sanely, calmly, if the “teacher” is still around, go through the entire process, step by step, (yes painstakingly) – cover every single inch and write each step down.  You’ll see eventually the step you missed.  Then you’ll wonder why you found it so frustrating in the first place! 

It saves a lot of time not to get frustrated in the first place.  Use the technique of writing down the steps, in detail, the first time around.  Your nerves will thank you, your teacher will thank you and you’ll be able to better use that time somewhere else!

By the way, this little chicken does a happy dance!  Hope this tip has you dancing too!



It’s a new day – and it’s a new time – every single moment of every single day!

white flower with blue center

Isn’t this what life seems like to you every single moment?  Likely not?  You might wake up grumpy – or you might have something happen which makes you feel bad during the day – or someone simply says something which upsets you – the time doesn’t look so lovely at that point. 

Trick – put something near you at work, at home, in your wallet or pocket like a wonderful rock or picture or memento which makes you feel good.  When something not so good happens during the day, it’ll remind you that “it’s all small stuff” and deal with it rather than moping about it.

Take this picture for instance – doesn’t it give you a life when you look at it?  There must be something in your life that makes you smile every time you see it – or touch it or feel it – or hear it – have it nearby always – or maybe different things in different places, all designed to give you that wonderful feeling back lost by some event at one small point in your day – your day has 24 hours – why let a few minutes impact the rest of it!


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

It's raining today – and it's wonderful!

Today, we had rain – lots of it – with tiny glimpses of sun – and it was wonderful!  Weather is so fascinating – so interesting – and if you watch weather, it’s a lot like business – there are periods of sun, wind, storms, rain, sleet, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, twisters, cloud, and combinations thereof.

If you think of your business this way, then it’s not surprising that, at times, you’ll feel what you feel as the circumstances of surrounding your business change.  Accept it.  Work with it.  Weather the storms no matter how great or turbulent or devasting – know they’re coming and so is the sunshine – good times, profitable times in your business.  That’s why it’s good to plan and work with your plan constantly to make the necessary adjustments for the business climate at any given moment.  What you can foresee, you can adjust for – if you don’t know the weather report, you’ll not bring your umbrella!

Time spent reviewing and adjusting your plan is time well spent – every single week – make it a habit that every Friday you review your plan and make the changes – better to make tiny incremental changes than to face a hurricane!




Think about that little known fact

It requires 22 trees to produce the amount of oxygen consumed by one person. (An acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people). This data comes from the Northwest Territories Forest Management site: http://forestmanagement.enr.gov.nt.ca/forest_education/amazing_tree_facts.htm

So . . . . what do you think of that?  Will you be a little more concerned about trees from now on? 

Your response might be:  there are millions of trees in the world?  Are there?  How many millions of trees do we need to produce enough oxygen for 6 billion people on this earth?  Take 6 billion and divide it by the number of acres required to produce enough oxygen for 18 people to breath – incredible, isn’t it? 

If you need a visual, watch some old movies from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s – notice how few people are on the streets, in cars, in airports – anywhere the movie includes.  Now, watch a modern day movie from the same city – if you have never noticed it before, you will now – it’s astonishing!

There are 36,794,240,000 acres on the earth, 9 trillion of which is water.  Taking into account that you can grow 700 average trees on an acre, you can begin to see the enormity of the issue.  Now think of the other parts of the earth on which you can’t grow trees – high mountain peaks, marshy areas, tundra, North and South Poles, Greenland, deserts . . . . get the picture?

We think we have a lot of space, a lot of trees but really, do we have enough?  Is it any wonder that we have global warming and we are charging forward towards big problems.

Then think about all the pollutants we create – how does that impact the ability for trees to grow?

It’s an important topic – very important to your life and to the lives of those you care about –

When you think about time, think about how long it takes a tree to grow.  Think about how many trees in your town or city have disappeared because of urban sprawl and how many have been replaced.  Think of how much the quality of your life has diminished because all these trees have disappeared.  Is it any wonder that smog is “normal”?

When it comes to time and money, it costs you big time!  How?  Because governments have environmental programs to clean up messes created by whomever.  The more the environment needs cleaning up, the higher your taxes because, let’s face it, without the money from your pocket, governments have no money!  It’s your money they are spending!  A government, per se, has no money.

Next time you see a tree cut – call up city hall and find out when that tree will be replaced – as the smog grows, so will your taxes because all kinds of programs will be necessary to undue the damage just so you can breath!  Quite a thought, isn’t it – so you can breath without the air making you sick or worse, killing you!

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