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Oprah once said on her show something to the effect, “There’s a place for everyone.  You need to find that place with the right people where you fit in.”

Easier said then done, right?  It’s true – especially if you are in a particular profession or job which you love but you hate everything surrounding it – the politics, the atmosphere, the policies or even how some people are treated.  So what to do?

What do you like and dislike?  From the list of  your dislikes, what can you tolerate and what would you prefer didn’t exist at all?   What environment would you like to work in?  Define it for yourself. 

With this ammunition spelled out in writing – on paper or on a Word document, it’ll set up, in your mind, the situation which would work best for you.  Now that you have that awareness, you’ll be able to spot it when you see it – and it may not come through the usual channels.  This is the same as being in the market for a new car – you research and then decide exactly the car for you – isn’t it amazing how you see that car everywhere when you are aware of what you want?

How does this save time?  A positive environment well suited to you allows for greater productivity and creativity and less time on “forcing yourself” to ignore all the ways a place is not right for you.  Negative thoughts have a way of creeping in because the triggers are all around you whether or not you are conscious of them.  These thoughts waste valuable time and energy not to mention how they affect your overall well-being.


So often in the workplace, people go through the motions.  They arrive at exactly the same time every day, take a break exactly as the same every morning and every afternoon and they take their lunch hour exactly at the same time each and every day – they never miss a one! 

It’s quite exacting to live that way!  How is their work?  Likely exactly the same day in and day out.  My question is, “Where is the human element in this?”  Wouldn’t a company be better off just programming a computer to do the work which is exactly the same every day, all day, day in and day out and save on the salary, benefits and pension?

For me, it points to something different – a lack of soul!  What a disservice to the human soul and psyche to create such jobs in the first place.  No human is void of ideas, of passion, of feelings and of uniqueness so why do companies insist on putting people in these boxes?  Then the companies come out with a totally contradictory messages – we want your input or we are a team or we value our employees – really?  interesting isn’t it?  How can someone put in air tight box breathe?

Rely on yourself, not management in companies, government agencies, non-profits, etc. to create work you love to do.  If you like what you are doing, your life won’t need the robotic cadence to it and, every day, no matter what it is you do, you know you’ll be contributing wholeheartedly in the special way that only you can.  Make every day a good day and though Fridays may still be sweet, any day will be just fine.

It’s your time – how you use it is up to you and how you do and feel about your work is yours to create for your own enjoyment – feel joy all day long – you’ll see that life will be quite different.  You’ll be working in such a way that you are using your time well and your talent to do whatever it is you have agreed with the employer to do in exchange for money.    Whether you are miserable or happy, you still are putting in your hours – it’s your choice!


There is an pandemic out there and it has nothing to do with a virus. It kills more profit, more businesses than I would imagine any one other thing could ever do.  Are there stats?  No – unfortunately not but most people who have worked in these companies will tell you the same thing – the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing!  

So I have no real, tangible, measurable proof.  However, you can test it for yourself.

Ask most managers to describe precisely what each person on their team is doing and how each job interlaces with everyone else’s work on the team and within the company.  Most managers and executives will not be able to tell you.  Why?  Because they just don’t know. Why?  Because they are concentrating on meetings, measurables, reports, marketing – all the things which are easy to put on paper – gathering information as they did in university to create a paper.

The most important thing is ignored – their operations, their structure and worst of all . . . . their people.  They have no understanding of their operations and their systems.  They just don’t know.

Any small business must start out on the right foot in creating their business and that means understanding the basics.  Understanding how much time they really have.  Understanding who they are.  Understanding how little they understand about putting together an efficient and effective small business so they spend the majority of their time making money.  It’s so intricate the dance of the small business person, but, like a symphony orchestra all the pieces must be there, interlocked in sync and working for them rather than against them.

Most small business people simply don’t know how in the same way that most managers don’t know how because the concentration is elsewhere.

I can tell from experience having worked with a multi-billionaire and multi-millionaire business people, if you don’t understand what you do, what your people do and how your organization is structured, you will never make as much profit as you would like and you’ll be chasing your tail most of the time.  You won’t understand why you have so many people working for you but you are still doing a lot of the work yourself.  You won’t understand how your sales are through the roof but you’re not making the right profit.  You won’t understand how to restructure in a down cycle.  You won’t understand what is happening day to day which is killing your business.

Think about it – very seriously before it’s way too late.


Huh?  That’s probably what you’re saying right now – what?  Gratitude is a time saver?  That’s nuts . . . .

Try it.  Next time you’re rushing around trying to accomplish forty million things in a day and you’re stressed – you know – you’re  feeling as though you are going to jump out of your skin if someone asks you one more thing . . . .

stop.   clear your mind.  look around.  and say to yourself, “Right now, this minute, I am grateful for . . . . . ”  And really feel the gratitude for that wonderful warmth of the sun or the gorgeous bouquet of flowers on your table or all that you have or that special someone or your child or just having this day to experience all kinds of super things.

See if it works.

I know it does – I know it will have you stop and think about what you’re doing – you’ll see – and it’ll give you a moment of perspective.  That perspective will give you the breather to do what’s important and let go of the rest.  It’s a moment of great sanity when you are grateful!  You’ll see more clearly.




People rushing – frantic – they look as though they are running away from an insane asylum or into one!  So when I see someone like that, I calm down right away because I can see what I look like by watching others – it isn’t pretty!

Why do we rush?  We all know that rushing really truly gets us nothing but tired, frustrated and anxious that we haven’t done enough.  Then that thought leads to the thought that we are not enough.  Then we try to do even more which leads to more rushing which leads back to not doing enough and being enough and so it goes!  Why do we think we need to do so much that we get ourselves into this state?

Because we simply do not start at the point where we ask ourselves what enough means.  What is enough in your life?  Make a list.  Decide.  Make a decision to get your sanity back and take care of yourself!  And let the rest go – nothing dire will happen – you’ll always be and do enough even if you cut what you do by half or more – try it – experiment letting go –  every day – let something else go to someone else or let it go altogether – see how much better you feel little by little and how much brighter the world seems.

Try it . . . . let me know how it turns out.

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