The reason most people have trouble fitting everything into their from lists is because that’s all it is – a list – and who can work from just a list – no one without getting frustrated and running around in circles.

Categorize your lists so that you are doing similar tasks one after the other of the same type.  For example, shopping – list all the things you need to shop for under that one category and do all your shopping at once even if it means it’ll take you 3 hours.  You’ll save the multiple trips back and forth, maintain the momentum of doing one kind of activity and have the satisfaction of knowing that all those things are done.  The next time you go out, it’ll be for something fun!


Lots of great software out there but when considering software choices, begin with the basics – something such as Microsoft Office Professional unless you are an architect or a graphic artist or some other business which needs very specialized software – you know what you need.

For everyone else, Microsoft Office Professional will be enough until you are established and profitable in your small business.

Remember – every single time a small business owner takes on a piece of new software, it’s not only the initial cost of the software to consider but the time it took to earn the money to pay for it, the time it will take for you to learn it and apply it properly and the upkeep. 

Everything costs money directly and indirectly and when it costs money, it costs in time to make that money – how much time do you have?  A lot of small business people drive themselves crazy at the beginning going for this and for that and for this and that – keep it simple!


If you are starting a small business or already have one,  this is a must watch to listen and learn –

Multi-millionaires assessing businesses and deciding whether or not to invest in the businesses small business people present to them.  It’s fascinating and you can learn a lot about what is really really important in creating or developing a business!


Whenever life gets overwhelming and dark, think love – think of someone you love or your pet or a great beach somewhere – you’ll see how just the thought of loving something really grounds you – it only takes a minute!


Help yourself every day to get going by finding a word of inspiration that particularly resonates with you.  Print it in very large letters and paste it on your desk or computer – wherever you would definitely see it before you begin each day.

What do I mean by inspiration?  It could be a quote of someone you admire or it could be a particular goal you are striving to achieve or it could be an image or a picture or it could be as simple as one word.

Try it!  You might find it sets you up for the whole day in a positive, action-oriented way!

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