You’ve read in a previous blog post that Chris Malta is on a scam busting tour in the US.  He’s a highly successful businessman who is so sick and tired of hearing about people getting scammed, that he is taking his time, money and energy and doing something about it.  See his latest video here:

Nothing, but nothing, wastes more time than dealing with dishonest operators.  I did – with a company in my own home town, Vancouver, BC!  They couldn’t and didn’t deliver what they promised but they certainly kept my money.  They not only have a Vancouver address but one in the US as well.  The amount of time I spent with credit card companies, with the multitude of their reps on emails and over the phone, Better Business Bureau, etc., was unbelievable!

They present their wares in many large cities in expensive hotels, and internet marketing is their calling, in fact, it’s quite blatant.  Their CEO is quoted in many publications  – if only people knew the real story about this company, they wouldn’t be so quick to publish anything from this guy.  

Along with this guy’s signature, the claim is made that they are an internet marketing firm that has helped thousands of people learn to start and run their online business – that’s certainly not true in my case!  

 They also claim that courses has been best selling for ten years – so what?  Lots of people have courses – and some for a lot longer than 10 years.  The real question is:  is it any good?  The answer is no – repackaged and outdated –  how do I know?  I’ve seen two versions – compared them and they were almost exactly the same.

This company hasn’t got a clue how to teach people – their so-called coaches have a script and that’s it – they follow the script no matter what.  If you’re not successful at making money, then it’s your fault.  Of course, it’s not the client’s fault – it’s theirs!  Their lack of ability and capability!  It’s all a sales hype!

Chris Malta is the exact opposite.  Chris answers his own phone and talks to anyone.  You’ll find that Chris is one of those guys on the internet who is honest, fair and trustworthy.  And if you want to start an internet business, Chris is the man to talk to.  His Forum connects people and you are able to at last find a credible path to building your business.  Chris also tells you the truth – cold and hard facts – no snow job here!  He knows business and he tells you there is no shortcut to starting a business.

Support his scam busting tour – let other people know about his efforts to help us all!


Someone was telling me that being a good steward of the environment was way too time consuming.  I was a little shocked since it came from a person who has a lot of time on their hands and often complains of being bored.

Awareness of your impact on the environment doesn’t take any time at all – it’s only seconds – a thought – noticing what you are doing.  For instance, are you throwing a piece of wrapping on the sidewalk?  Are you using bleach when another product would do just as well?  Are you consuming a lot of packaged food when fresh is better for you and the earth? 

Think of the examples above.  Everything that you throw away whether on the sidewalk, down the drain or in your garbage can ends up somewhere on earth – your earth!  Not Mars or the Moon or Saturn – but on the planet on which you live. 

Somewhere along the line, it’ll cost you a lot more.  Why?  You’ll pay to clean up the ocean because it already has miles deep of garbage floating in it and toxic chemicals – sooner or later, it’ll have to be cleaned up and who will pay for it – the taxpaper!  The land dumps are already overflowing and we find ourselves having to export our garbage – and who’s paying for that?.  And our rivers and streams are polluted and you’re already paying for the consequences of fish depletion.

And when you need to pay for more and more and more, you need to use up more and more and more time in order to earn the money necessary to meet your wants and needs!

So next time you eat something, think about whether it’s doing the earth any good at all or using up its resources.  And when you think of resources think of how much of your pay cheque is going to clean it all up!  Remember, the only money government has is yours!


People seem to have trouble differentiating between when to be diplomatic & tactful and when to be clear.  

Clarity saves everyone time and energy.

Received a  message  while I was doing some work online in eBay and  I have no idea what the message said because it was as clear as mud.  They wouldn’t allow me to list an item – why I don’t know – it was perfectly legal and within the guidelines.  They allowed me to save it so I can list it later.  ‘

The message was trying to be diplomatic about something but it behooves me to know why.  This was a time for clarity. Something such as:  ” We are stopping this listing from going through because there are too many listings in that category” would have given me the reason and then I could either contact them to talk about it or not.  I still have no idea why they stopped that listing and yet allowed me to continue putting up more, actually, several more listings.

What was I trying to list?  A glass bird paperweight –


One of the best ways to understand the usage of time is by watching other people.  Watch not only what they do but what they say.

Most of the time you’ll see contradictions.  For instance, a person may say, “I don’t have the time; I’m too busy”.  Then, you’ll observe them spending a lot of time in trivia such as talking at length about the latest sports scores with their fellow worker or spending a lot of time continuously reorganizing their spaces.

Why?  “I’m too busy” are just words without meaning – it’s a habit.  I saw it happen first when I worked in a very large corporation.  People in the corporation would use that phrase constantly and yet they had the time to surf the net, take extra long coffee and lunch breaks, leave early, etc.  Their productivity in any particular day was very low – it was part of the culture.  I was stunned when I realized people had simply bought into the “norm”.  And today, I see it in all kinds of places – politics – the most famous arena of all – where politicians say one thing and do an entirely different thing.  Yes, people can change their minds, but there is a big difference between a habit and changing your mind when presented with new facts.

Watch what you say – and what you do – are they the same or different?  You might just find some time!


Many people rarely look at their accounts or investment statements until a crisis occurs. 

I know someone who looks at her account online twice a day.  She knows where every single cent that has been spent.  I use to think this was extreme but I’ve come to learn, it’s a good thing.  It only takes a few minutes every day but, the good news is , you’re on top of your financial situation.

Online banking makes it so easy to scan your accounts at your bank, your credit card balances, and your investments.  It takes only a few minutes but gives you every day a focus on your money, how much you have, how much you have spent, and what you have left.   You also learn to watch your investments and understand them better – the fluctuations and the reasons why.

One day at a time, a few minutes at a time, you are becoming your own financial expert!   In the long run, it will save you time because you can focus on making money rather than spending it!  Try it – for 30 days – every morning, first thing before you do anything else, take 10 minues and review your accounts.  Over the 30 days, see how it changes your money perspective and involvement.

What does it do for you?  Keeps you aware of your money and encourages you to learn as much as you can how to best utilize what you have.

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