Scams your money & your time – who to trust?

Scams on the internet are widespread and waste your time not to mention take your money – usually a lot of it!  Once in a while you do find an honest person.

Why do we fall for all these scams?  Because they sound so darn good – they have wordsmiths who know the psychology behind words and use it against us.

I’ve been scammed!  I hated to lose the money – worse, I hated the way they stole my time – so I paid double, triple, quadrapule and worse over and above the actual price of scams not to mention the opportunity costs and the psychological damage imposed by these incredulous people. 

Being burned one too many times, I’m on the look out for honesty – for business people who offer a good product at a good price and who do everything they can to help others succeed.

One such person is Chris Malta – millionaire business man – who is trying to help stomp out scamming on the internet.  Read a little about what he has to say – go to his blog and check it out yourself – no, there is nothing to buy – just get to know him –  You’ll be happy you did!

Tip – calm wins the day!

Calm wins the day! 

You’re in doubt?  Think about a time you worked on a project at home or at work and you were frazzled.  Now think of a time when you worked on a project at home or at work and you were calm.

Which one got done faster and at a higher quality  level with the bonus that you really felt good about getting it done and you had energy left for the next project?

I bet you’ll say when you were calm!

Why?  Because, when you are calm, the adrenalin is not flowing.  Adrenalin excites excited the body, gets it into an “action” mode, uses up max resources but you pay one heck of a price.  Wonder why you feel so tired so much of the time?  One of the reasons is that you are likely working with adrenalin as your best friend.  You think you’re getting a lot done but actually, you’re wearing yourself out!

My cockatiel reminds me . . .

My cockatiel reminds me every day what’s importantHe insists I give him a head rub on command!  Instinctively, this bird knows that a head rub is good for both of us – he gets attention and I can take a moment to stop and love this little creature in my life – it’s not all about “rushing to do”!


We’re so use to it – we’re born, go to school, become adults and do our adult things – we get use to having time.  How often does it cross your mind that you might not wake up tomorrow morning?  Why?  Because we expect to wake up the next day as we have done all of our lives!

This summer, two people very close to me know that time is finite – for one, the operation may be successful; for the other there is no operation to be had. 

Here we are rushing around – wasting our moments on earth – without the consciousness, every single day, that our time is finite!  No matter how rich you are or how poor you are, there are only so many years in a person’s life whether that be a few days or a hundred years.  How will you spend your time?  What’s really, really important to you?

Not only is every second over and done with in a flash – so are our lives!  Do you want yours to be a blur or do you want your life to be lived by your own design?

What would be your thoughts about your life if you were diagnosed with terminal disease today?


Lots of small business people say they are drowning in the multitude of tasks to be done on any given day, they have no time for themselves, no time for family, no time to innovate, no time expand the business – there is only time to keep running!


That simple??? YES!!  It’s that simple.  In fact, everything in life is that simple but the way we think about things is what makes them complicated!

Your response is likely to be, “I can’t.  I’ve got obligations – mortgage, school supplies, food to be put on the table for my family”. 

Who will take care of all those things if you collapse from stress?  How much do you think your body can take?  How much do you think your mind can take?

Likely, you’ve taken your responsibilities very seriously – admirable – and not so admirable at the same time.  You’ve taken your responsibilies to the nth degree and it is  jeopardizing everything and everyone in it – including you! 

You can’t do it all!   The protest is, “But I have and I can” – really?  Then why are you reading this post?  Why did the title catch your eye?  You say you’re so busy and yet you reach out – because you know you’re drowning or at the very least, listing!

Small business people have been and are continuously told that they must work around the clock, sacrifice everything and everyone in their lives, including their own needs and wants, to achieve success. 

Did you ever think how ridiculous that approach is?  This attitude sets up a person for negativity because no person is an island – every person has needs and wants which require attention. 

Will there be some long days?  Yes.  Should they happen every single day?  No.

If all your days are long and you are working to some degree seven days a week, take a day – a whole day –  very soon to think through what is happening to you, your life, your family, and your business.  Re-evaluate – talk to the people in your life – think about how you feel, what your behavior has been like over the last few weeks, and how this way of living is working for you – or isn’t?

The good news is that you can shift your modus operandi and develop a healthy, productive business without destroying everything in your life!

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