Why Do Most People Hate Time Management?

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There are thousands of pages written about time management – books, reports, articles, and now, of course, time management is on video.  There are hundreds of people giving time management workshops every year and yet . . .  people generally avoid the whole idea of even implementing the slightest technique into their world.


Because like going to the dentist, you know you should but you don’t want to and you don’t like it.  You don’t want to feel restricted and likely don’t want to change either.



Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t See It That Way?

Yes.  Many.

People who are inclined to very precise work such as accountants, researchers, organizers, certain types of managers, military, teachers, etc.  There are many, many people who will take time management courses and apply the principles to the letter.  That’s the way they are.  But, the majority of the people don’t think that way and time management seems like drudgery than a solution.

There’s a second reason – the particular time management system they’ve adopted fits.  It fits what they do, their lives.

Not every time management system fits everyone.

Is There Another Viewpoint?

Time management is never associated with fun – it’s always associated with getting more out of us rather than giving us something – higher productivity, scheduling, prioritizing, planning, etc. Yuck! Who wants to be caged?  By the time you’re finished planning, prioritizing and scheduling, the day is over and your work is still to be done!

Our resistance is based on our psychological need to be free and our need to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Time management is most always presented as restrictive – an invisible jail cell!

Actually, time management can free you to have more fun, more money, greater success in relationships and more “kick the can” type of days.

Why Don’t We Use It at Work?

Because work takes up 8 hours a day not counting the commute.  Whether you’re efficient or not with your time is irrelevant.  You have to stay at work for the prescribed time set by your employer.  So why bother being efficient and effective — if you finish your work early, you still have to sit there until the end of the day.

So, people get into bad habits because time management really doesn’t matter.  They meet the deadlines but stretch the work to meet those deadlines.   Everyone stays at work between such and such hours and that’s it, effective or not.

Your Other Life

But . . . .  you have another life . . . . outside of work.  And this is where time management can really put a “zing” into your life!  You’d love it if you could see the reward – fill your life with satisfaction, fun, and making it count.  If you were effective and efficient in personal life, imagine what you could do.  All you need do is have a conscious view of how to spend your time.  It’ll make you happy where it counts!

So think of time management, not by thinking how much more work you can fit into your day, but how much more fun! jump for joy

Lorraine Arams


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