People rushing – frantic – they look as though they are running away from an insane asylum or into one!  So when I see someone like that, I calm down right away because I can see what I look like by watching others – it isn’t pretty!

Why do we rush?  We all know that rushing really truly gets us nothing but tired, frustrated and anxious that we haven’t done enough.  Then that thought leads to the thought that we are not enough.  Then we try to do even more which leads to more rushing which leads back to not doing enough and being enough and so it goes!  Why do we think we need to do so much that we get ourselves into this state?

Because we simply do not start at the point where we ask ourselves what enough means.  What is enough in your life?  Make a list.  Decide.  Make a decision to get your sanity back and take care of yourself!  And let the rest go – nothing dire will happen – you’ll always be and do enough even if you cut what you do by half or more – try it – experiment letting go –  every day – let something else go to someone else or let it go altogether – see how much better you feel little by little and how much brighter the world seems.

Try it . . . . let me know how it turns out.

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