Here are 5 tips to save the earth and by saving the earth, you are saving time.  How? 

Do you remember a time when you were relaxed and you got a lot done in a day without getting frazzled?  Now think of a time when you were hyper, almost panting every minute, and you looked back only to see you had not done as much as you would have liked and you were frantic?

If you consciously connect with your space, you help yourself get grounded.  Thinking about how to make things better rather than doing, having and being more has its own special wisdom which you will feel when you do something like this:

Smart planting – choose pest-resistant varieties of plants and use the right soil, put them in the right environment of sun and moisture so the plants are strong.   You’ll have a great harvest and save time and expense of pesticides not to mention a healthier environment for you!

Turn off your computer monitors when you know you won’t be at your desk or using the computer for a while such as during a lunch break.  Screen saver mode uses almost as much energy as if the monitor was on.

Clean your kettle – you’ll not only have better tasting tea and coffee, but you’ll boil water faster.  Just boil 2 cups of distilled white vinegar in your kettle to dislodge build up.  Remember to rinse your kettle afterwards.

Turn the heat down – when you are entertaining, take into account the heat radiated by your guests.  They’ll be more comfortable because it’s not so hot and you’ll save on heating costs!  Costs = time!

Have your children’s birthday party in the woods or a park – they’ll get fresh air, discover new things and you’ll have fun too!  No house to clean afterwards and, because you’re in the woods, you’ll likely cook those hot dogs on wood or coals.

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