Save Time with Appointment – Do This One Little Thing!

Save Time – do this one little thing – Confirm! 

So many people get caught wasting a lot of time because they don’t take the time to confirm appointments.  You’d think that with cell phones and email accessibility people would automatically think to “call ahead”.

However, most people don’t.  They show up for an appointment only to be told the person is not in or they’ve forgotten or they don’t have the time or a host of other reasons.

This is a good policy to adopt:  in the morning, first thing, look at your appointments.  Call them all.  Why not email?  You can but what if someone’s email server is down that morning or that afternoon – what then? Or let’s say they’re out of the office or in an important meeting where they don’t have the option of looking at their Blackberry.  Calling is the best policy.  The message: 

“Hello, (their name).  This is (your name).  We have an appointment today at 10:30 to discuss (what is to be talked about).  I’m calling to confirm our appointment.  If we are still getting together today, you don’t need to return my call.  If you can’t make it, please do call me at (your number) to reschedule.  See you soon.  (repeat your number and your name)”

And call even if the person you are meeting with is in your company if your offices are far apart.

You’ll be glad you did!  You’ll save yourself a lot of time by doing this one little thing!

Lorraine Arams

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