life in the city

Oprah once said on her show something to the effect, “There’s a place for everyone.  You need to find that place with the right people where you fit in.”

Easier said then done, right?  It’s true – especially if you are in a particular profession or job which you love but you hate everything surrounding it – the politics, the atmosphere, the policies or even how some people are treated.  So what to do?

What do you like and dislike?  From the list of  your dislikes, what can you tolerate and what would you prefer didn’t exist at all?   What environment would you like to work in?  Define it for yourself. 

With this ammunition spelled out in writing – on paper or on a Word document, it’ll set up, in your mind, the situation which would work best for you.  Now that you have that awareness, you’ll be able to spot it when you see it – and it may not come through the usual channels.  This is the same as being in the market for a new car – you research and then decide exactly the car for you – isn’t it amazing how you see that car everywhere when you are aware of what you want?

How does this save time?  A positive environment well suited to you allows for greater productivity and creativity and less time on “forcing yourself” to ignore all the ways a place is not right for you.  Negative thoughts have a way of creeping in because the triggers are all around you whether or not you are conscious of them.  These thoughts waste valuable time and energy not to mention how they affect your overall well-being.

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