Save your time and your energy – be who are – it’s the most important thing you have to do in your life for greater happiness and joy every day.

On Oprah one day, she said that there is a place for everyone – a place where they can be themselves and belong – quite an approach because we’ve always been told we have to be what “they” want us to be whether it be the teachers in school, the profs at university, or the boss at work.  And we have been repeatedly told to put up and shut up – do your work and go home to be who you are. 

So for 8 or more hours per day you have to be someone else in order to make a living – does that make sense?  When it’s put like that, of course, it doesn’t.  However, people need food, shelter and clothing – they must earn money and they must keep that money coming in especially when they have family members who are dependent on that income as well.

It’s not easy either to research the “culture” of other businesses and organizations.  So we find a job.  Then we learn about pensions and find a job with a pension.  Then, we show up for work every day, take our vacations and be who we are at home until we retire.  So will you be able to be yourself then?

Wouldn’t it be best to love and accept who you are, change jobs until you find an environment which empowers and allows your very best to shine?  And if you can’t find such a job, how about developing your own small business?  Could it be possible that a small business could give you the same security but in a much healthier way?

Think about it – be who are – honor your specialness – love your uniqueness – be happy, generally – what a concept!

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