Save Time, Money and Energy Learning Here How to Make Money Blogging

Save Time, Money and Energy Learning How to Make Money by Blogging

What does that mean?

It means that finding the best possible instruction right from the beginning of your journey making money online through blogging will save you time, money and energy not to mention frustration!  When you have the right instructions with the right approach at a reasonable cost then you’ll be ahead of the game!

You learn best from someone who is:

doing it now . . . and. . .  who can teach

these are important criteria – many might know how to blog but few can teach it.  Many pretend they know.  Many are really good salespeople with an expertise in mumbo jumbo!  So save yourself a lot of time and money by starting learning from the best.  Why should you trust me?  No reason really.  I’ve been down the “search” road and this is the best I’ve found.  I’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy.   I will tell you one thing I’ve learned:  if you don’t start the right way at the very beginning, the “deprogramming” to learn the right things for today’s market will set you back.  Many bloggers are teaching the “old stuff” – very little of it works today.

Is it Easy?

No.  Absolutely not.  Why?  Because it’s complex – the devil is in the details!

Yes, the most popular platform, WordPress  is free but . . . you need to know more and it’s the rest of what you need to know which slows you right down to a crawl or worse,  stops you dead in your tracks.

Getting Trapped

I’ve been trapped.  I know what it feels like to have a burning desire to be successful at something only to be sidetracked into the wrong territory!  I’ve learned this much:    when they ask me for a lot of money to teach me the basics, I run! Why?  Because it’s never worth the money!

These “big ticket” sellers are careful not to make any promises which hems them in and somehow the guarantee of returning your money runs out before you discover that they haven’t taught you enough to make any money.  Most often, the people who offer programs don’t know how to teach.  Even more tragic, some of them don’t even know how to make money online themselves! (those pictures they show you online aren’t always real for them!)  They are good at something though:  making you believe it’s easy, fast and you can make a lot of money without much work.

Basics are basics – there is no need to charge thousands to get someone started.  The learning curve is huge for most people.  Once you have the basics, then you’ll know enough to make the right decisions as you progress.

So what do you do?

Start simply, relatively inexpensively with people who know what they’re doing and have good teaching ability. They not only teach you during their program but long after by delivering very valuable information.  Heck they’ll even deliver you valuable information BEFORE you sign up!

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What is blogging and is it for everyone?

Blogging is creating valuable content for people  who are interested in your area of expertise.  You make money when you build trust.  It’s a business and like any other business it takes time.  In the case of the internet, it’s not as simple as getting an ad in a newspaper – there’s a lot to learn!

It’s not for everyone especially people who don’t like to write.  If don’t like writing, then check out a great instructor for creating a business with simple websites on the left sidebar.

Yes, you can hire ghost writers but there are a multiple number of issues with that approach not the least of which that you lose touch with your business and your customers.  They hear someone else’s “voice”, not yours.  There is no need to write perfectly and if you are a poor speller, well, you always have spell check!

So how do you make money?

There are a hundred and one ways!

  • By offering products and/or services which match your particular line of expertise
  • Selling ads
  • Selling other people’s products
  • etc – let your imagination soar . . .

What’s the difference between a blog and a website?

A blog platform is actually a website.  The difference is that a website is relatively static while a blog, if you are to be successful, is dynamic.  It means you’ll continually need to add new content

Sounds easy, why should I get someone to teach me?

Try it. Very quickly it will become quite apparent to you that it’s not so easy.  You’ll find that you’ll create content and nothing will happen.  You’ll discover  all kinds of information everywhere only to find out that some of it is so outdated it causes problems that are not easy to fix.

What’s the solution?

Get the right instructor! Especially at the beginning, this is crucial – get the basics under your belt properly and the rest will follow.

There are many who are offering to teach you how to make money blogging – few really know how to teach  and even fewer  know how to earn money from blogging today.  Times have changed and continue to change every single day on the net.  If you don’t have a good foundation getting started, you’ll be overwhelmed – very quickly!

I went through a lot of blog sites, free courses, PDFs, newsletters, etc., asked a lot of questions, contacted a lot of people, took some courses, etc. trying to learn how to do it.  It was so challenging!

And, then, one day I found something incredible.   I took  a course.  My expectations were rather low by that point.  But . . . I was taught things that no one else could before – it was so easy when I was taught the right way – step-by-step – I could understand the process.  With time, I became quite good at the basic processes.  I signed up for  newsletters – I learned even more – I have continued to learn.  As part of my business model, I promote the products because I believe in them – I believe these products will help anyone who is serious about earning money blogging on the internet.

So here’s my recommendation to you – if you want to learn the basics of blogging and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing it at first, then go check out this course.

You’ll be glad you did because you’ll have such an incredible foundation, you’ll be amazed how much you’ll learn, how easily and how fast you get underway!

Could you do it on your own?

Yes, if you have all the time in the world – you can – all the information is free on the net – it’s finding the right information, in the right sequence – separate the piles and piles garbage to find the gems and, by then, well, who knows what you’ll do.

This person is extraordinarily successful on the internet – starting from humble beginnings going through all the trials and tribulations of starting a new business in a new medium – there’s an understanding, therefore, of what it’s like to be at the starting gate.  That helps.  Mix in great teaching and you have, at the very least, a very good chance of creating a nice little income for yourself on the net.

If you think blogging interests you and that’s how you want to earn your money online, then don’t hesitate – go now – learn!  Save yourself a lot of time, money and energy – connect:

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and . . . go make money!

Lorraine Arams

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