Save Time Money and Energy Learning How to Make Money on eBay

Save Time Money and Energy Learning How to Make Money on eBay

The Traps

I’ve been on the internet long enough now to understand one very important thing about learning to do anything on the internet:  when they ask me for a lot of money to teach me the basics, I run! Why?  Because it’s never worth the money!  Learning the basics is critical but it shouldn’t blow your entire budget on one course nor strap you with huge credit card debt!

Those who offer these high-priced courses are careful not to make any promises which hems them in but you’re hemmed in!  Somehow the guarantee of returning your money runs out before you discover that they haven’t taught you enough to make any money.  Most often, the people who offer programs don’t know how to teach.  Even more tragic, some of them don’t even know how to make money online themselves! (those pictures they show you online aren’t always real for them!)They may or may not know their stuff but can’t or won’t pass on what you really need know to make a buck.

The good news is that there are people out there who are really making good money on the internet, know how to teach others and offer their programs at a reasonable cost. The trick is finding them because they are not always the “high flyers” of the internet putting out launch after launch after launch.

Learning from the BEST

I’ve also learned that the best people to learn from are those who are making money online every day as their primary means of making money; the educational component of their business is only one of the many add-ons they have created.   With the information obtained from these real practitioners, you can get started in a realistic way and have the best chance possible of making money.

It’s a lot of work starting an internet business and it takes a lot of time, energy and money to build a business online as it does to build a business the old fashioned brick and mortar way.  The nice thing about the internet is that you can learn bit by bit without investing a lot of money upfront.


I learned eBay.  I thought it would be great to sell other people’s stuff and get a commission.  So, I paid a supposedly reputable  company a lot of money to teach me.  They couldn’t.  They didn’t have a clue how to teach someone.  Some of their coaches were making money on eBay but just couldn’t pass on the information properly.  Later, I found out that many people who had also signed up for this company’s offerings were in the same boat.

Then I found someone who did know how to teach. Successful on eBay, a Titanium Power Seller, the instructional material I received was simple to follow and truthful – no magic mirrors – no promises of high earnings – just a realistic approach to starting a business on eBay.  The tools were explained properly.  Further credibility was added when this person was  featured on eBay radio.

When the dust had cleared, eBay was not my bag after all so I didn’t pursue it as a business though I still do sell on eBay on occasion – it’s fun for me and it’s turned into a hobby.

One of the key things about good teachers:  they’re accessible – after the sale – they will answer questions and they do have newsletters so you can keep learning from them.

Start learning today from this person – click here – you’ll be amazed right from the first contact!

Consider This

Before you jump into eBay or any other online business, consider this:

a)  Are you ready to do some intense research on products before you decide on what you are going to sell?

b)  Are you prepared to take the time to understand the process by starting small, step-by-step and then building over long term?

c)  If you want to ship a product yourself,  do you have the space to store the product, wrap and ship the items and the equipment needed to complete orders?

d)  Are you customer oriented or do you not like dealing with people problems?  If  you don’t like dealing with customers, quit while you’re ahead!

e)  Are you prepared to learn and keep learning, live in ambiguity for a long time and yet push on until you arrive at your destination?

f)  Do you understand that selling on eBay is not free?  There are fees to be paid to eBay and to PayPal.

g)  Do you understand that there is a whole new language on the internet you’ll need to learn and some will seem odd and confusing at first?

h)  Are you prepared to put in the time, energy and money to build a successful enterprise?

The benefits of starting an eBay business:

a)  You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get your feet wet in creating an internet business. You can learn bit by bit what it takes to become very successful in business online.  You can start with drop shippers who have integrity and are willing to work with small retailers.   This is one area in which it’s important not to rush – take your time.  Spend the time reviewing the videos, reading the PDFs and understanding what’s required.  Read contracts before you sign them.  Again, click here to get the suppliers and education you need– you’ll be glad you did!

b)  Once you have a few successful sales, then it’s time to reinvest and keep moving forward.

c)  There’s a lot to learn – everything from taking pictures, editing them and uploading them in an attractive way to creating good descriptions, return and shipping policies, building a store on eBay and extending your eBay presence outwards into the rest of the internet so people can find you in other ways than just through eBay.  How long will that take?  It depends on how much time you have to learn, how versed you are in computer technology, how much money you have to spend to get going, and a host of other variables too numerous to mention here.

d) It is a business. Building a business whether on the internet or brick and mortar takes time.  The advantage of the internet, if you don’t like your business or location, you can move without it costing a ton of money or move on to another business or have several businesses going at once.

e)  And, yes, even on the internet, you need advertising dollars.  That’s another thing you’ll have to learn – CAREFULLY!  Many people have been caught advertising before they completely understood how it works.  That’s why it’s a good idea to start on eBay – you get your feet wet before you need to pursue internet advertising avenues.

Would I recommend starting an eBay business even today?  Yes.

It is a good training ground for starting a business online and whether you have a job or will be getting a new job or want to do this full time, it will always be a source of income if you learn methodically and apply what you learn.

And, yes, I do earn a commission if you sign up for these recommended suppliers.  As you will be doing, I’m earning from what I learned.  I only recommend the best and the people with whom I have had successful dealings.  I’ve kissed a lot of frogs in my journey on the internet – the products and services I recommend are solid – tried and true – real people with real businesses who are honest and run ethical businesses.  It has cost me a lot of money, effort and time to find these gems.  If you’re smart, you’ll start with these people. Eventually, you’ll find others.  The key here is that you’ll have started with a good foundation.  Just like building a house which will last for years –  a good foundation will make  it last!

Sourcing Products to Sell

In order to sell on eBay, you need to have something to sell. They say start with things from your home which are in good condition and for which you don’t use any longer.  It’s good to get half a dozen listings and practice but you’ll soon run out of things.  As with any business, you need a steady supply of product to sell.

If you want to get an education on sourcing products and have a reputable company giving you a legitimate and carefully researched groups of companies to buy from, then I would recommend you click here.  It’s the only company which has built it’s own list of suppliers, has tremendous teaching tools and, again, the owner is accessible – that’s always a bonus.  The bonus truly is the education – tons of videos, PDFs and other material – you won’t believe how much you learn here – at no cost to you! Incredibly valuable knowledge especially if you are brand new to retail.  And the annual fee to become a member is incredibly inexpensive – you’ll be surprised!

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Lorraine Arams

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