Save Time By Taking Time

doing one thing can save timeSometimes we can save time by taking the time.

This statement seems like an oxymoron but in actually fact when it comes to saving time, taking the time does really save you time in the end.

Here are some instances that prove this premise:

a)  Taking 5 minutes every day before leaving work to look over your calendar.  Look at what you had planned, what is no longer applicable and add in some tasks or appointments which you may have forgotten to write in.  You’ll set two things in motion in your mind:  peace of mind that you’ve covered everything in your calendar and set up your mind for the next morning – ready to go!

Time Saving: The next morning, you’re ready to go.  There’s no need to ponder what to do first – you’re ready!

b)  Planning a tripif you take the time to research the place where you are going, you won’t miss out on some incredible things to see, you’ll have an idea of what you want to accomplish on your trip and you’ll have contacted people you might want to see in the event they are free to meet up with you.

Time Saving: While your away, you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy.  You won’t have to pour over telephone books or the internet to find people and locations – it’s all done ahead of time!

c)  Anticipating changes in your life For instance, when the baby arrives,  many people don’t think about what they will have to give up.  They think of the baby, the crib, the day they bring the baby home.   A baby will rule your life unless you’ve made preparations and adjustments to meet the impact of this wonderful little being now occupying space in your life.  For instance, that drink after work may need to put aside or instead of two hours at the gym every day, it may need to change to 4 times per week or date nights with your spouse may have to be amended to once a month rather than every Saturday night.  You may entertain more at home and that too takes time.  And there will be new chores to share – how will that be done?

Time Saving: Adjusting the time requirements in your life when you know a big event is on its way will help you save time in scrambling to make the adjustments when you should be enjoying the moment, adjust your mind to a new life and prevent interpersonal squabbles.

You can see that in all areas of your life, taking the time to anticipate and make adjustments for changes can actually save time in the long run.  Yes, it’s called planning but it’s more than that – it’s making an adjustment in your mind to changes whether it be a day, a week or a lifetime.

Take the time to save time – you’ll be glad you did!

Lorraine Arams

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