You Will Never See It Again . . . we can’t save it!

That second that just went by  . . . you’ll never see it again – never!

Think about that – just stop one minute and think about that – try to grasp that – can you? 

That’s how your life is – time that flies by – unnoticed, without fanfare, without any sort of announcement and without a calling card – it comes and goes

We save money, food, pictures and so many other things – we cannot save time!  It’s gone!  Never to return . . .  there’s no “time piggy bank in the sky” – you’ll never be a newborn ever again –  you’ll never be 10 or 16 or 25 or more ever again!

Have you ever thought about that before?  Likely not – it’s not something people dwell on. 

However, it’s a sobering thought – very, very sobering.  And it’s a very difficult thing for the mind to grasp because we have lived so many hours, days, months and years.  Time slips away whether we’re sad, happy, rich or poor – it’s an equal opportunity delivery system!

How will you choose to live your life every second of every day?


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