Scams your money & your time – who to trust?

Scams on the internet are widespread and waste your time not to mention take your money – usually a lot of it!  Once in a while you do find an honest person.

Why do we fall for all these scams?  Because they sound so darn good – they have wordsmiths who know the psychology behind words and use it against us.

I’ve been scammed!  I hated to lose the money – worse, I hated the way they stole my time – so I paid double, triple, quadrapule and worse over and above the actual price of scams not to mention the opportunity costs and the psychological damage imposed by these incredulous people. 

Being burned one too many times, I’m on the look out for honesty – for business people who offer a good product at a good price and who do everything they can to help others succeed.

One such person is Chris Malta – millionaire business man – who is trying to help stomp out scamming on the internet.  Read a little about what he has to say – go to his blog and check it out yourself – no, there is nothing to buy – just get to know him –  You’ll be happy you did!

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