How Do Seasons Affect Your Ability to Manage Your Time?

Do you alter how your time management with the seasons?



Did you ever think about it?  Did you ever think that the management of your time needs to be adjusted for each season?

It should.

Things Change All The Time for Everyone

Everything changes with each season.  Everything.  Your business, personal, family, social, and your day-to-day lives change as the seasons change.

Yet people don’t adjust their schedules and wonder why overwhelm or underwhelm happens.

All businesses have ebbs and high sales activity periods and more people are away at certain times of the year than others.  It impacts everyone in the business – covering for people away on vacation, directing workflows during peak times, connecting with clients during holiday periods, etc.

Every person’s social life is affected – summer presents a whole gamut of change from family reunions, bbqs, outdoor activities, vacations, etc.   It changes how we spend leisure time.

Every person makes changes in their routines – they might walk to and from work every day rather than take the bus in the Spring, Summer and Fall.   They might go for a walk after dinner during the Summer time but when school starts, it’s homework and extracurricular activities which pour onto the time table.  Each change is a time change.

Time Management is Never Static

Though most people think that time management is static, it is not.  People’s lives are constantly in some form of flux.  When a person looks at their calendar, changes must be reflected in how time is allocated.

For instance, at work, an individual may choose to be highly disciplined in the way time is used and yet, in their personal lives during the  summer, “go with the flow” time management is adopted with very few absolutes – bed and meal times are flexible, activity planning is random for the most part and a lot of “beach” time is included.  Alternatively, in the winter, everything is scheduled at work and at home to the minute.

When people have kids, going back to school poses new challenges fitting in school, homework and activity slots.  Today, parents find they must drive or accompany their children to most activities for a variety of modern day reasons; the parents’ time becomes very compressed after hours.  A more imaginative approach needs to be designed in order to fit in parents’ needs too.

During the Christmas period, people often find themselves exhausted and get sick as a result.  Why?  Because they haven’t made the adjustments in their schedules for all the seasonal activities which take place at that time of the year from gift buying to entertaining – they try to do it all as if nothing has changed.  It has.

Those who can anticipate and plan ahead aren’t frazzled by seasonal changes.

Why should this be important to you?

If you realize and understand this concept, you can plan ahead and avoid the fatigue and stress.  Choose the activities and adjust your schedule  – take some things out and put others in – it’ll get you in the “mood” for what’s to come!


Can you see how beneficial this can be for your health and  your ability to enjoy each changing season fully?

At first, it can seem awkward to think of altering your schedule this way, but when you reap the benefits, you’ll be happy you took the time to plan your time according to the seasonal differences.

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