Are You Using September to Manage Your Time for the Fall Time Crunch?

field of pumpkinsCan you use September to plan your time the time crunch that inevitably comes in October, November and December?

You can.

Fall is a time when people really get rattled especially with shorter days.  It’s more difficult to get up in the morning and extra care must be taken driving to work.  It seems that our time becomes more and more compressed as we head into winter.

It’s a good idea always to look ahead.  We know it!  Do we do it?  Often we don’t.  So I’m here today to help you before you get overwhelmed!

  • October – Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en
  • November – Memorial Day
  • December – Christmas day
  • January – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Will you be ready?

It’s like a freight train coming down the track every single year at the same time:  increased activities with friends and family, more formal events, school for some, flus and colds, and the holidays –

Take the time now to schedule in what you will need to do for each of these holidays before your appointments, meetings and other activities take over your life and drive you wild.  It’ll save you a lot of frazzled nerves later on.

Here’s a tip:

Take a calendar with a monthly view either the paper type of the computer type.

work backwards from the day after each holiday – what do you plan to do before, during and after each holiday.  If you do things ahead of time, a little bit each day or each week, you’ll be ready when the holidays are upon us.

For instance, let’s say it’s your turn to have the Hallowe’en party this year.  From the day after, work backwards, something like this:

Monday, November 1st – clean up after work

Sunday, October 31st – Hallowe’en Party – time:  5 pm to 10 pm; set up 10 am – 3 pm

Saturday, October 30th – am – prepare food; pm – decorate

Friday,  October 29th – – after work, pick up costume, shop for food and pick up something for dinner

Thursday, October 28th — check who has sent in RSVP and call those who haven’t

Thursday, October 21st – create menu for food and decide on decorations; decide who can help with what; access need for extra dishes, cutlery, glasses, etc.

Sunday, October 10th – make invitation list and send out invitations

Saturday, October 1st – decide on costume and buy/rent; look up favorite masks for this year

You get the idea . . . . once you’re done then put these in your scheduling calendar before you over book yourself!

And do the same with each of the other holidays.  Keep your plans in your computer so that you can use them year after year – all you’ll have to do is change the days and dates for each new year.

Now do the same for your work life. Inevitably, there are submissions, reports, presentations, etc due.  Every year, annual meetings, staff meetings, conferences, tradeshows, etc.  – something happens every year.  Take the same approach  – plan for them backwards.   Plan to be ready a couple of days ahead of time because we all know – something will happen if we aren’t!

Again, the same principle applies here – keep this schedule year after year – just change the days and dates to suit that particular year – and you’re done!

You’ll be less stressed, more prepared, and enjoy each process much more. In fact, you’ll likely be able to enjoy the holidays rather than feel exhausted!  September is such a great month to manage your time this way and prepare for the time crunch that is coming.

Hope this helps . . .

Lorraine Arams

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