Are There Short Days?

Are there short days?  Yes.  At least they seem that way – there are still 24 hours at our disposal but,  some days, we wonder where the hours went.

The other day, I looked at the clock – it was 11:30 am.  I thought, good, another hour and a half of work and then I’ll break for lunch. 

All of a sudden . . . . out of nowhere . . . . it was 3 pm!  Where did 3 1/2 hours go?  It’s good that I had scheduled the whole day to write but, still, I was shocked how that time had flown by without any perception whatsoever on my part that this amount of time had vanished!

It happens to everyone occasionally – time seems to disappear!  Why is that?  We know.  We’re so engrossed in what we are doing, we never think of looking at the clock. 

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  It depends on how you perceive it or what happens as a result.  It was good in this case because I got so much done, more than I had anticipated.  However, at other times, I’ve missed appointments which is why I put everything in my computer calendar now – the computer dings me when I have something scheduled.  In this case, I had booked most of the morning and afternoon for one specific task.

If you lose time this way often and the results are not positive, I suggest putting all your appointments and activities in your computer calendar to remind you of your plans for the day if most of your time is spent at your computer – there’s both a visual that pops up on the screen and a sound.  If you don’t use a computer calendar and are still using a paper calendar, buy a watch on which you can easily set reminders at the appointment times during the day – it’ll avoid a lot of “rescheduling”.  Or buy a small clock you can carry with you everywhere.  Set a appointment time.  When you have arrived at that appointment, set the clock for the next time and so on throughout the day.  Some cell phones have an option to set reminders and certainly if you are using a PDA synchronized with your computer, then you have the best of all worlds – your schedule and reminders are set.  Make sure that your PDA is set to remind you with a sound or vibration.

Hope your day is full today – 

Lorraine Arams 

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