Most people think it’s quite alright to deprive themselves of sleep – it’s usually the first to go when life becomes hectic – it’s the last thing that should!

I hear all the protests now!  Yes, I did it too!  I thought – I can do without sleep – I’ve got so much to do!  Wrong!  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

One time I was so sleep deprived studying a programming language, I started to literally bounce off the walls going down a hallway!  I knew then that trying to solve the riddles and staying up night after night had put me in jeopardy – can you imagine if I had been driving a car??!!

Sleep is the best thing you can do for time management.  Why?  Because you can accomplish much more energized and clear thinking than you can half asleep, yawning, running to the coffee machine every hour on the hour and trying to concentrate when the brain just needs rest.

You don’t believe me – likely – you can prove it to yourself.  One day when you are well rested, notice how well things go – relationships, tasks, resolving problems, facing obstacles, having fun, etc.

Now, one day you’ll have one of those days when you just couldn’t sleep – notice how slow your reactions are, the down mood you feel, iritation with others, how long it takes to get the simplest tasks done and how difficult even reading becomes.

Time management is not always about hours – it’s how to treat yourself!

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