How Sleeping Saves You Time and Money

Sleeping!  Isn’t it great!  But how does sleeping save you time and money?  It’s easy if you think about it.

Imagine a day when you wake up and you’ve had a good night’s sleep.  How do you feel?  Got that feeling?  Okay, imagine it’s 10:30 am now and you’re still full of energy.  Instead of coffee, you go outside and have a short walk.  Feels great, right?  Okay, it’s lunch hour – still feeling peppy?  And then afternoon break . . . what do you feel like doing?

Now imagine a day when you wake up and haven’t had enough sleep.  What do you reach for first?  Coffee – likely – then morning, lunch and afternoon breaks come along – what do you reach for?  Coffee or a power drink or a power bar – anything to give you energy! 

Compare the wide awake day with the sleepy day.  How much money have you spent during the sleepy day trying to stay awake and energized to get everything done?  Now imagine you’re sleep deprived most of the time – how much money are you spending trying to stay alert every week, every year?

Get it?  It takes a lot of money to stay sleep deprived.  Yet . . . sleeping is free!

Now think about something else – during sleep, your body and brain repair and rejuvenate.  What does that do?  It helps your immune system stay strong to prevent illness.  We all know what comes with illness – cost for medicine! 

Another cost which is more tragic is an accident.  Sleep deprived people often fall asleep at the wheel causing accidents.  What does an accident costs you?  You got it – money, time and, if you are injured, medical costs!

Interesting, huh?  I’m sure you can think of a ton of other costs which can be associated with not having enough sleep.  Imagine how much money you are saving every single year by sleeping enough!  Kaching!!!

Time – how does it save you time?  Think about wide awake day and sleepy day again.  How many times a day do you find yourself nodding off or re-reading things on the sleepy days?  Does everything you do take more time?  Of course.  Why?  Because you’re on slow-mo!  Without energy, your body and brain compensate by slowing you down.  You get at least a third to half less done in a day when you are sleep deprived depending on how much sleep you lack and for how long.

Convinced yet?  Are you convinced that it would be better time management to sleep as much as you need to every night rather than not?

Isn’t it easier just to sleep the 7, 8, 9 or more hours necessary?  And it’s free too!    Use a little time management – get to bed early – have a good night’s sleep every night!

And that’s how sleeping saves you time and money! It’s worth it – don’t you think?

Lorraine Arams



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