Have You Found Your “Sound” Yet for Your Life?

notes Have You Found Your Special Sound Yet? 

I like many types of music. One of those genres is big band. 

And I like true stories – biographies especially.  Too, I enjoy many of the old movies.

The other night I was watching Turner Classics channel.  The story of Glen Miller was being broadcast. 

What struck me was the struggles he experienced to find “his sound”, something different than all the other bands and the sacrifices he made along the journey.  He often pawned his instruments to have enough money to eat.  He quit good paying jobs to write his music.  And, even when he did finally get his own band, lady luck wasn’t too friendly at times.

One day, it happened.  Someone with money was willing to invest in his “sound”.  It was a hit!  The people hearing his “sound” for the first time were appreciative.  They listened.  They danced.  They applauded.  His sound was launched!

How About Your Sound?

Have you found it in your life?  I think that Glen Miller’s story parallels all human life – we each have our own “sound” whatever that might be.  Some of us are lucky enough to find it before we die and others are not.

The key for him was never giving up.  He knew he had to find that something special in his heart and let it come out.  Trial and error.  Error and trial.  He continued despite all odds.  He was lucky.  He found people who believed in him.

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?

It’s not easy.  Some of us know what “it” is when we are two years old and experience it early in life.  Others don’t know what “it” is nor find it until we’re 70 or more.  Grandma Moses found hers at the age of 80!   

What Is It?

It’s that something inside that keeps wanting to get out.  Often, we don’t even know what “it” is but the “it” is constantly there.  In the most quiet of times, we yearn to open the door, to see it, feel it, experience it.  But we can’t quite grasp fully what “it” is. 

Are You Willing Not Matter How Long It Takes?

It may take until you’re 80 or more.  Does it matter?  Wouldn’t it be great to have that smile on our face having found “your own sound” and can experience it? 

Glen Miller was one of the lucky ones.  He found it before he was lost in a plane en route to a concert in England at Christmas.  For his family, what a legacy!  For us all, what a gift! 

What Will You Do To Find Yours?

I’m looking.  I have been looking for a long time.  I have hope that, soon, the stars will align and I’ll find that “sound”.  I’m not sure what it looks like entirely but I know I’ll recognize it when I get there.

Won’t you join me on the journey?  Let me know when you find yours.

Lorraine Arams
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