How do you Spend your Time on Week-ends?

How do you Spend your Time on Week-ends?

Do you goof around?  Or do you work?  Any me time?  Me time – yes, me time –

Many people spend their week-ends much like they spend their week days – running around, working like crazy at home or bringing work home to do, and by Sunday night, the exhaustion is only compounded.  They’re caught up “in other people”!

This week – would you think about that?  Would you think about how you will get some “me” time into the week-end?  Will you think about not taking work home with you or the problems of the office?  Would you think about how you can goof off?  Would you think what you can do this week to make it possible to have most of the week-end for fun and relaxation?

This is what happens to most people – “I’ll do it on the week-end”.  This approach opens the door to all kinds of poor time management during the week:

  • tolerating more unnecessary interruptions by others at work and getting side tracked – interesting to talk to someone who actually had a week-end!
  • delaying what could be done right away – if we can do something in 5 or 10 minutes, let’s get it done – as long as we aren’t in the middle of something else
  • not delegating what could easily be done by someone else by accepting “we’ve got the week-end to finish up” if we don’t get everything done
  • watching hours of tv at home instead of systemmatically charting the week to get the chores done and minimize chores on the week-end
  • wasting precious moments at work when we could be getting our work done and have a great week-end to look forward to

Why should we be concerned about having a wonderful time on the week-end and getting some “me” time in there?

  • to refresh and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul – get reconnected with what is really important
  • to connect with ourselves and give ourselves time to reflect on our own lives – are we living the life we want?  If not, what adjustments need to be made – we need adjustments all the time because like a plane or a boat, we get off track often, side tracked by the many ebbs and flows life offers
  • to just laugh – have fun – enjoy “smell the roses” or the pines or the fresh air – and feel great to be alive!

What will you be doing next week-end?


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