One of the best ways to start your working day is in a great mood!

Can it happen always, every day?  Yes. 

You’re kidding, right? you say – I’m not.  

Some mornings I used to be tired, grumpy and feeling like “I really don’t want to face this day”.  Then, I learned, from my cockatiels – every day they get up, they sing and they’re happy!  They love the routine and look forward to their fresh water, toast, millet, lettuce and sometimes cheese.  So I tried it!  No, not the millet but I found things that I look forward to every morning – I did it and it made a big difference.

So then I thought there must be something at my desk that I can do to get the day off on the right foot! 

So every day now I take a few minutes to start my day doing something I like to do – coffee and reading Google Alerts.  Why?  Because Google Alerts really gets my creativity going seeing all the wonderful things people are doing, creating, inventing, talking about – it’s refreshing.

Pick something you like to do which gives you a lift at any time of the day and start your work day with those activities.  It only takes a few minutes – 10 or 15 minutes every morning but the benefits are huge all day long!  Try it – I know you’ll like it!

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