Are you stressed? What are you going to do about it?

Are you stressed?  What are you going to do about it?

Oh, no, not another thing I have to do!!!  – that’s probably what you’re thinking – “I’m stressed and now I have to deal with it.  I just want this stress to end – that’s all!   I can’t deal with what I have now!  How can I deal with learning something new?”

Stress, unfortunately, is one area that only you can do something!  You can.  I’ll help you.  This is the first in a series of blogs on stress.  Understanding stress and yourself  really well.  These blogs will help you to cope, little by little.  If you come to my blog every day, you’ll eventually have the tools to help yourself.

Why don’t I just give you the solution right now?  Because the solution right now does not exist.  It took you a long time to build up this acute state of stress you are in and it will take a while to dismantle it.  Relief will come little by little but it will come – if you do the work, stress will be diminished.  You will feel it almost immediately.

I’m an expert on stress.   I’m not a psychologist though my undergraduate degree majored in Psychology and I’m not a counselor either.  I do coach people and stress is one  definitely something I help my clients with.  But . . . I am an expert in living, overcoming and dealing with stress since early childhood – my expertise comes from experience and education.  I have spent a lot of money and time learning to deal with stress.  I’ve been to acute stages of stress and have survived, changed and now able to deal with stressors.  It’s taken me a long time to acquire these skills.

What is stress?  Let’s define it to assure that we are both on the same page.

Stress exists all the time – every single moment of every single day there is a stress exerted on everyone.  Some of these stressors are mild and some are acute.  Most people deal with every day stresses such as getting to work on time, thinking what to have for dinner, driving in heavy traffic, etc.

But people seek relief from stress when they have feelings of overwhelm and cannot see a solution to alleviating the build up of stress in their lives.  Stress

Most of us are never taught how to deal with stress.  Some have been lucky enough to have had family environments in which   All we know about stress, generally, is fight or flight.  Our upbringing has taught us one or the other generally.  For instance, flight can mean in one family to just walk away from issues or use the “silent treatment” which means dont’ say anything, don’t assert yourself.  In the fight situation, another family has taught children to fight it out – drag them out verbal and/or physical fights.  Fighting is a normal part of the household which we all know solves nothing and makes situations worse as time goes on.

What do you do?  Learn.  Know yourself very well and learn to use your best charater traits rather than use ther conditioned responses you learned in your family environment.

Is it easy?  Is it quick?  No.  Will things change?  Yes, if you want to.  Lots of people want to reduce their stress but want someone else to do it

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