How Do You Get To Be Successful?

finding successHow do you achieve success?

There’s been volumes written about it.  Advice has been dispensed for hundreds of years.  And . . . yet success seems to be elusive for the majority of people – lives of quiet desperation.  What does it take to be successful —- really?

Defining Success

We’ve never been really good at defining success because we automatically think it’s the person who achieves the CEO position in a corporation or the anchor job on a major new network or Oprah style success in the entertainment business or making tons of money to buy mansions, cars, and live the life of luxury.

Actually, many people don’t want to be in the limelight and they don’t want to live in “dripping” wealth but they are made to feel bad because that’s not their dream.

Define success for yourselfwhat does it mean to you?  Write it down – really, really understand how you define success – what does it look like in your life?  If you want create a collage of it.  Focus on your own dream.

Use What You’ve Got!

Focus solely on your strengths – that’s it – your strengths.  Put all your energy on your talents – forget the rest.  AND place those strengths well . . . be very, very protective of them!.

It’s critical to find the right place where your talents will be nurtured, utilized appreciatively and where you will be treated honestly and fairly financially, emotionally and psychologically.

That’s the tall order in the success world – you need to have the courage to cut your losses as often as it takes in order to find that place in the world where your strengths will be appreciated and rewarded!

That’s the recipe for success – that’s how you get it!

There’s a place for everyone somewhere – the trick is finding that right place and never stopping the search until you’ve “come home” – that place – you’ll just know when you do. I found it – and I blossomed.  Soon, I noticed that different kinds of people found different places which may not have been good for me but which feed them – not every place is for everyone.  Don’t believe other people – check it out for yourself to locate that ideal fit!

How do you get to be successful? It’s simple and ever so challenging – here’s a toast to your great find!

Lorraine Arams

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