Many people rarely look at their accounts or investment statements until a crisis occurs. 

I know someone who looks at her account online twice a day.  She knows where every single cent that has been spent.  I use to think this was extreme but I’ve come to learn, it’s a good thing.  It only takes a few minutes every day but, the good news is , you’re on top of your financial situation.

Online banking makes it so easy to scan your accounts at your bank, your credit card balances, and your investments.  It takes only a few minutes but gives you every day a focus on your money, how much you have, how much you have spent, and what you have left.   You also learn to watch your investments and understand them better – the fluctuations and the reasons why.

One day at a time, a few minutes at a time, you are becoming your own financial expert!   In the long run, it will save you time because you can focus on making money rather than spending it!  Try it – for 30 days – every morning, first thing before you do anything else, take 10 minues and review your accounts.  Over the 30 days, see how it changes your money perspective and involvement.

What does it do for you?  Keeps you aware of your money and encourages you to learn as much as you can how to best utilize what you have.

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