Tenths of seconds – could you achieve that way?

Tenths of seconds – that’s what it takes to achieve – in the Olympics!  Can you imagine what a tenth of a second is?  Most people can’t. 

If you have a watch with a hand which moves on the second, have a look at how fast that is – it’s fast – as fast as saying 1/1000th – now imagine cutting that down to 1/10th – seems almost impossible doesn’t it? 

Yet, to get to the podium, that’s all it takes – tenths of seconds to make the difference between a medal or not. 

And it takes a good day or a bad day – a mistake – one mistake and it can cost you – imagine having a great year, winning lots of races and, on Olympic day, you make a mistake!  Imagine!  All year, you’ve been winning and at the Olympics you don’t get even a bronze because you made one mistake! 

Thank our lucky stars that the rest of life doesn’t imitate sport.  We don’t have to live in terms of tenths of seconds and we have can make mistakes without it costing us, most of the time, our lives, our livelihoods, our wins.  But we can learn from watching these athletes how fast time does go – and fast a life can change!

What’s so thought provoking about the Olympics is that we see life’s triumphs and tribulations on the screen instantly.  We see tears and jumps of joy.  We see the impossible and the predictions of glory killed in one fell swoop.  We become very conscious of time as it ticks away ever so quickly towards gold! 

Take your inspiration from these Olympic athletes – years of hard work, tons of money and energy expended and all it takes is a mistake and a few tenths of a second to decide whether an athlete achieves medal status or not – but . . . win or lose, none of them regret the experiences, the learning, the challenges, and the journey – and likely that’s the most important lesson of all – all of life’s experiences are important whether we describe them as good or bad – it’s all good!



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