Texting – A New Addiction! Has it taken over your life?

Texting – the new addiction!  Has it taken over your life?

People keep talking about how little time they have and how they can’t live without their cell phone.  But, if you simply watch people on the street, you’ll see that cell phone calling and texting has become an addiction.  How can you tell?

It’s that constant chatter – one call after another or the constant texting – an hour bus ride is completely consumed by texting!  It’s not just one person on the bus either and it’s not only a certain age group – it’s amazing how one gadget which was suppose to save time is actually eating up people’s time at an incredible rate!

Is it connecting?  Perhaps.  At some level, it’s connecting; at another level it’s just another way to shut out the world.  Gauge the reactions – if the cell phone dies, there are two reactions

  1. “I’m lost” look – what am I going to do with myself now?
  2. Anger – a raging look appears on their faces and they become very agitated

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist or psychologist to understand the reaction.

Oprah has asked people to sign a pledge not to text while driving!  Imagine, Oprah asking people to sign a pledge not to do something frighteningly dangerous! 

Driving today – you need to watch for bicycles, rollerbladers, pedestrians, children, animals, crazy drivers, skateboarders, motorcyclists and everyone else on the road – how can anyone in their right mind ever think that texting is a safe thing to do while driving?  That’s how pervasive texting has become – people texting while driving!  Is that reasonable?  Of course, not because they may kill themselves or someone else or both in the process.  Imagine texting even though it may cost you your life! 

Next time you pick up your cell phone to call or text, ask yourself:  “Is it really necessary that I make this call or send this text?”  Not only are you using up your time but you’re using up someone else’s time too.

Reality check:  Has texting taken over my life?

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