The Bully Syndrome – Time Waster

People love to play games.  The games they play are often fun and energetic like Cranium or Monopoly or Pictionary.  However, some people also like to play games which cause themselves and others to waste a lot of time.

You know them – they are the people who think the rules are written for everyone else and not them.  They want things their way no matter who is inconvenienced or who gets hurt – the bully syndrome.  Yet, on the other hand, if someone else doesn’t follow the rules, these game players are incensed, especially when they lose!

The time they consume is extraordinary!  Just to get their own way . . . for the smallest, most idiotic win.

Here’s an example.   A landlord had a tenant.  This tenant decided to disregarded the terms of their lease.  The lease required that they get written approval from the landlord to assign or sublet the rental unit.

The tenants decided to just go ahead, sublease without written approval with still two months to go on their lease.  They sublet to a family.  And then wanted the landlord to check out references and financial ability to pay rent and utilities after the people who sublet were already in the unit!

The tenants just handed over the keys to the people to whom they sublet and that was it.

There are rules to follow.  Did they want to follow the rules as laid out in the Act?  Of course not and they’ve spent a lot of time and energy “trying to wiggle” their way out of the situation.  If they have followed the rules of common decency, none of this would have been necessary.  Instead, they tried to pull a fast one and it has wasted everyone’s time – theirs, the people who sublet, the agency responsible for resolving disputes, and, of course, the landlord. 

People who want to get their own way at all cost sap everything out of others – time, money, energy.  They do the same on the job.  The wisest thing any boss can do is to get rid of these kinds of people as soon as possible.  They have no sense of right and wrong as they are not concerned with anyone but themselves and want what they want at all costs – and the cost is high!  No company can afford to lose that much in either time or money or both!

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