Last night on the news a “tidbit” dealt with greying hair.  And, of course, they pointed out, no matter how famous you are or not, your hair will grey – everyone’s hair will grey!   For some people, it happens when they are children and for others much later in life sometimes into a person’s 60’s.  So the belief that greying happens only with age is incorrect.   The news item also pointed out that some people start greying when they are very young – in their teens and spend most of their lives with grey hair. 

Generally, greying occurs when the production of melanin  is inhibited at the root of the hair and less and less melanin can be injected at the root.   The more melanin, the darker the hair and the reverse causes lighter hair color.  The factors can be genetic but they can also include exposure to poor nutrition, second-hand smoke, low heamogoblin, blood cancers, HIV, thyroid imbalance, chemotheraphy, B12 deficiencies, aging and stress. 

The news report focused on stress as a key factor in greying.  They pointed to President Obama who has substantially more grey on his head than he had when he first took office; they showed comparitive shots from his inauguration to today.  And they showed the beautiful grey hair of actress Helen Murren.  Grey is beautiful when it is coiffed well as is Helen Murren’s and Obama’s.  And of course, they showed in the mix a non-famous person who dyes her hair regularly.  We think of toxins often it today’s world and I thought to myself, what toxins are contained in those dyes?  What’s wrong with grey hair? 

Personally, I think grey hair is beautiful, at any age.  Let’s concentrate on what’s really important – our overall health – exercising, good nutrition,  keeping our souls happy, and keeping our minds sharp.

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