Our Time May Be Up – The Bees are Dying

Our time on earth may be up – the bees are dying!  If the bees die, we die – it’s very simple equation!  Why?  Because bees pollinate our plants which give us our food.  No food – no life.

Except for Australia, bees are dying all over the world.  That’s how toxic our earth has become.

Remember the miners who used to take the canary down into the mines to tell them whether there were toxic gases in the mine which would kill them.  If the bird died, then the miners knew it was not safe for them.

The bees are dying on the surface of our earth telling us that we humans are not far behind.  There are places on earth already where humans are trying to do bees’ jobs by hand pollinating the plants – it’s not working very well.  Imagine the millions of flowers in an orchard, in a garden – everywhere.  Imagine if our primary job all over the world would be to pollinate every single flower on earth by hand!

Daily Planet last night had a segment on the extinction of the bees.  It was alarming.  Queen Bees are now being exported from Australia to other parts of the world in an attempt to repopulate the bee colonies.

Think about it people – no bees = no food – worldwide! 

What can you do to help increase the bee population? 

Everyone can help whether you have a balcony or a garden:

  •  plant yellow and purple flowers such as sunflowers, blue bells, clover, etc. to attract the bees to your garden, window box, lawn, etc. 
  • don’t use pesticides on your lawn, gardens, trees – there are alternatives – look for them
  • support your local bee keepers – find them in your area and connect with them – see what you can do to help
  • here are a few sites to give you some information – you’ll see that Haagen Daaz ice cream company has a campaign on their site along with information how you can get involved
  • call your local university and find out if they have information – researchers worldwide are trying to understand the issues and find solutions





It won’t take much to help – please do your part!  It’s time.  The bees have been in trouble for many years now and, globally, it’s a crisis now –  it’s about your life and all the people you love in this world – we must, the people, take charge of our earth!

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