Did you ever sit down and really think about time?  What is it?  Is it space?  Is it linear?  Is it real or an illusion?  What if we didn’t have clocks – how would that feel?  Why were clocks invented? 

Did you ever think how your life would be without a clock?  Would you feel more relaxed?  Would you go to bed when it was dark and awake when it was light?  Would your body adjust to more hours of sleep in the winter than in the summer?  How would your life change without a clock?

You have 24 hours per day – we are born and we die – within another dimension called years – what if there were no years?  Would it matter?

Aren’t all those questions just brain twisters?  Of course, the answers are just as much twisters as the questions – who knows really unless, of course, you chose to go live in a cave or in the woods somewhere, alone, where time matters not, years are irrelevant and having a clock would seem silly – you could tell time by the shadows and what would be the difference anyhow?

So next time you look at a clock, a way to measure time and the years which have passed by – will you be happy or not that you can measure time?  Most people would likely say yes they are happy when they are doing something they love and no when they don’t get to work on time or home for dinner on time or when time at work is slow while you’re waiting for vacation time! 

So why don’t we make it a practice of doing what we like to do and love to do each and every day so we are happy each and every day – why?

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