Take Your Time and Learn Well

Take your time and learn well.  What do I mean by “take your time and learn well”? 

When you take your time to learn something new well the first time you come across the knowledge you want or need, it’ll save you time in the long run.  We sometimes want to learn things instantaneously because we need the information now. 

However, what happens is that the our eyes or ears may see or hear quickly but our brain needs time to process. 

We all know that we learn best when we are relaxed and focused. 

Today, we feel that because we can access information quickly on the internet, the learning should come quickly too.  It doesn’t.  Humans haven’t changed despite the fact the internet has provided the incredible tool for searching and finding data and other learning opportunities.

The tendency, therefore, is for all of us to rush through the learning process.  We feel frustrated when we can’t seem “to get it” now. 

We need to slow down, calm ourselves and understand that absorbing new knowledge takes time.  We will save ourselves a lot of time by not having to go over the material again and again if we just relax and focus the first time.  If we need a review, it will be just that – a review – not a full re-learn every single time.

So, when we take our time and learn well, we save ourselves time in the long run, reduce our stress, and absorb material much better without full repeated learning sessions. 

A tip:  if you are using the internet to learn a skill, use 2 computer screens – one to watch the skill being demonstrated and the other to take the steps shown as the instructions is presented.  This interactive learning really helps retain the knowledge.

Lorraine Arams

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