Time of Your Life – When?

Time of your life – when will that happen?  Have you thought about it?

How many things do we “save up for”, dream, delay, sacrifice, and just plain never get around to it?  Do you really want it?

I’ve often thought of going to Hawaii.  Never have.  I could have if I’d really wanted to go but there was always an excuse.  The truth is that I don’t like hot weather because I “melt”.  So going to Hawaii, though a nice thought, is not my idea of a great holiday.

On the other hand, I did want to go to Paris and London and Moscow.  One day, I said.  The day has never come.  Will it?  Maybe.  It’s likely I will get there – what has me thinking about traveling again?

A friend died this past January.  She and her husband talked about going to India for over 5 years.  They didn’t go because of one thing or another.  That’s one of her husband’s greatest regrets is that he and his wife never took that trip  – they would have had  “time of their lives”, he said.

Time is like that – it flies away if we don’t grab a hold of it and do what we really want to do.  What are you waiting to do?  Why?  Can you afford to wait any longer?  What is it you want to do that’ll have you saying, “I had the time of my life!”?

Lorraine Arams


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