Too Busy to Eat Well During the Week? Try These Tips

You get home – you’re tired – you’re hungry!  Cooking – you can’t bear the thought! Eating out is expensive!  You’ve been so busy!

Ordering in – it’ll take too long.  Or you could go to the deli and pick up something but you simply don’t have the energy.  Does this happen often?  Probably.  During the week, most people are exhausted from working all day, working out at the gym and connecting with others  – the day is generally packed!

You can prepare though so you never face this situation during the week.   Here are some ways to do it:

1.  On free nights or on week-ends when there is time to cook, prepare favorite foods ahead of time. For instance, cook a curry on Saturday and make a lot.  Package it up in freezer containers ready for the microwave including rice – cook extra rice, bag it and freeze it.  Or make a stew or chili or lasagna – the same thing applies – you can freeze it and simply reheat in the microwave or in your steamer when you need it.

Too,  cook things such as a whole roasted chicken, pork or beef roast, whole fish and cook more than you’ll need for a meal. For the rest of the week, you have portions in your fridge which can be warmed in the oven or microwave, add a couple of steamed vegetables or a salad or simply add slices into your salad.  You could even have people over on Sunday and cook a turkey or ham – you’d have great leftovers and get to socialize with your friends too!

Soups are also great to make and store in the freezer or fridge – take out a portion, heat it up – it’s done!

2.  Buy spinach and other long lasting greens – they’re a staple.  When you’re hungry, just throw some spinach into a bowl, add whatever you have on hand – a can of tuna, a little raspberry dressing and you have a meal!  And have a lot of fruit in the fridge – apples, pineapple, strawberries, etc and add them into the salad – that’s right – fruit is great in a green salad!

It’s always a great idea to wash everything when you get back from the store and place all your vegetables in plastic containers neatly stacked in your fridge, ready to eat – this way you won’t even have that to do during the week.  Peppers, radishes and many other vegetables can be pre-cut too.

3.  Always stock up on root vegetables – they last a long time in the fridge and are absolutely delicious for a quick roast or stir fry – wash them well – you don’t have to peel them, chop them up into cubes and, in minutes, you’ll have a substantial meal and colorful too – carrots, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, yams, sweet potato, etc.

If you keep some stir fry sliced meats in your freezer, all you have to do is through some of that in the stir fry and you have a complete meal!  One pan – 15 minutes – you’re done! (I know  – this one involves cooking but it’s minimal)

4.  Buy cans of  beans:  garbanzo, kidney, white, mixed, etc.  They make a great instant meal – just add a little dressing, a little onion  and/or some fresh vegetables – it’s a wonderfully satisfying meal.  Or you can use quinoa and other whole grains mixed in with the beans to add some texture and some of those vegetables you washed and pre-cut.

5.  Always have eggs on hand – great free range eggs – and hard boil them for salads and sandwiches.  A good one is to chop the egg and add a can of tuna, a little mayo and you have a delicious and filling sandwich filling!

You’ll save yourself a ton of money because you won’t have to buy deli prepared foods, eat more healthy because you’ll know what’s in and on your food, and you’ll save a lot of time.

When you’re busy during the week, there are still ways to eat well and nourish your body – it needs it!

If you have other good tips, do share them on my blog.

Lorraine Arams
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