Time Management – Where Does It Begin?

Where does time management begin?  What an odd question!  Is it? 

Think about managing your time and let’s just think about one small capsule of the huge infinity of time – today

How did you start your day today? 

Were you in a good mood or stressed when you woke up this morning?  Did you rush through your shower, grab something from the cupboard for breakfast on your way out the door  OR  did you enjoy the texture of the soap against your skin, the wonderful warm water streaming down your body and the plushness of your favorite towel?  Did you sit down to a healthy breakfast?

Which of these two scenarios do you think will lead to the best time management possibilities for the day?  Just the day – that’s all – not the week or month or year. 

What is your habit? 

That small glimpse of a very short period of time today can demonstrate to you how you handle your life,  how much you take care of yourself and how much you value  all that is in your life.  Think about it.  You’ll be amazed how such a short “window” of how you “operate” in life can give you the clues you need to begin good time management habits.  Time management always begins with you and you alone – nothing and no one else can do it for you but first it’s important to know what you value.  Watch what you do – your values will scream out loud and clear!

Lorraine Arams
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