Can You Produce Magic Immediately in Your Time Management Strategy

Can you produce magic immediately in your time management strategy?

What do you think would do that for you? Is there a word or a system or gadget which could magically add time to your day and satisfaction to your soul?

Yes, there is.  It’s tiny. It’s something we don’t do well and often enough.  Added consciously into our time management repertoire, it can give back a lot of  time.

What is it?

N – O – that’s it “no”. Most of us hate saying it – no matter how we “frame” itour first impulse is to say yes. It is those many “yeses” which eventually create havoc with our time management.

People want our time. They need to get something done and they would like y help. They ask. We accept. Another chunk of time is taken out of our schedule – could be 5 minutes or an hour – it all adds up!

Your boss wants us to work late.  Your children want us to attend an event – our spouse wants to go out to dinner – our parents need help with their eaves – our siblings each need help with something we’re good at doing – our friends want hang out time  –

think about it – all these people want a chunk of our time and yet we’re just a party of one with only 24 hours in a day!

How could we ever possibly fit all the demands into our schedule?

The answer: we can’tit’s impossible though most of us try to do it – we try to please everyone by acquiescing to everyone’s demands for our time. Is it any wonder that people get short on time?

It’s essential that we all become very comfortable with saying NO. And sticking to our guns – no means no!

It’s a word that most people don’t know how to use very well because we’ve been told that we must:

– keep our jobs at all costs

– keep our spouses happy

– spend time with our children

– spend time with friends and family

and soon . . . we run out of time and everything suffers. Why? Because no choice is consciously being made – it’s just a blanket acceptance. Yes, of course, everyone uses “no” once in a while but, generally, not often enough.

One day, we wake up on empty. We’re tired, frustrated and feel deprived – life is passing us by and our goals seem further and further away.

Becoming comfortable with saying “no” allows us to CHOOSE – it’s the only way –

Are the choices easy? Of course not, otherwise we’d all know which option to choose easily, effortlessly.  Let’s face it – to someone else, what they are asking for is important to them – sometimes it’s urgent – sometimes it’s an emergency – to them!  Is it urgency or an emergency for us?

To get to the point where choices are easier to make here is a tip:

Take your schedule for an entire month and book in everything YOU need and want including travel time to work, work, exercise, meals, rest, sleep, hobbies, etc.  each and every day.   These are non-negotiable – don’t give any of this time up for anything or anyone else failing a true emergency.  Now, you know exactly how much time you have available for everyone else – book accordingly.  You’ll be amazed how creative you’ll become!  More than anything, you’ll feel so good about your life!

That’s it – it’s that easy and that hard!

Lorraine Arams

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