Time is a One-Way Street – Are You Shocked by That Statement?

Have you every thought about this obvious fact – time is a one way street!

The time of your life is a one-way street – are you at all interested?

There’s no going back and there’s no going forward either – this moment right now is all we have. It’s really tough for us to get our heads around that notion because we are so used to living and so used to having more and more time without doing anything to get it – it’s just there – it’s given to us.

Our memories are the past which we can never, ever relive again – that moment is gone forever.  The future is unpredictable no matter how predictable we want it to be.  You can plan until the cows come home but you really have no idea what’s around the corner in the next moment of your life.

Because we get used to time, we don’t think about it very much.  But when we’ve neglected to honor it, we blame a lack of time for our troubles. In actual fact, it is only our own neglect of our time which causes our problems with time.

All we have to do is look on the internet.  Time management is slotted into other sites which talk about everything else – time management in many instances is just one of the topics of the site – almost like an after-thought.

Time management is not about managing minutes, hours, days, weeks – it’s about your life! All of your life – and what rolls around in your head is the very key to time management – get the head straight, you’ll get time management working as it should.

Over the next few posts, I will be talking about the psychology of time management – the source of all time management ills.  It’s what I term as “you-centered time management”.  I’ll give you some questions to start clarifying your relationship with time – a course in time management with a twist;  it’s the only way to truly become master of  time, of your life.

Many tools are provided on the internet and yet people struggle with managing their time.  None of the tools will ever work until you are able to get a handle on your relationship with time.  Once you are clear, then you’ll see that time management will sort itself out.

Time is the one-way street of our lifeare you at all interested? Are you using it wisely or are you squandering it?  Is time passing by?  Do you feel in control of your time or a passenger on a fast train nowhere?  Are you stressed to the maximum and yet there is more to do?  Your life doesn’t need to be lived that way.  Stay tuned and I’d love your input so please leave a comment  –

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