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Time is Free – really???

A comment was made recently on social media that “time is free”.  I was stunned!  It shocked my brain!  Time is free!  How would anyone come to that conclusion?

I’ve been wondering why so many people are quite nonchalant about time management.  It dawned on me it’s likely because time is simply not valued – the prevalent thinking out there is that “time is free” – an attitude which may explain many things about people’s lives.

It’s perhaps why so many people live lives of quiet desperation or lack consciousness about their lives because a fundamental principle is missing – time is your life – are you not valuing your life?

Your life is not free either.  Every single second you spend either enhances your life or doesn’t and it’s costing the earth a lot – the food you consume, society’s resources to grow that food, the oxygen you breath, the space you consume, the raw resources used to provide clothing and transportation, etc – being alive is expensive to the earth and society!

Time is Money

Let’s put time into terms that most people will understand – earned money!  Let’s see, Stephen J. Hemsley of United Health Group earned $101.96 million plus owns $111.4 million.  How much tv do you think he watched climbing to that height of earning power?  That’s around $8.5 million per month,  $4,408.70  per working hour (based on 1928 hours of work, $73.48 per minute.  How do you think he looks at time?  Do you think he believes that “time is free”?  Of course not!  Time is extremely valuable.

Most wealthy people understand that time is money – literally – every second they spend in their work is “managed” for the greatest return on investment.

They invest their time into activities which afford them the greatest return – that’s money.  What activities do you think that might be?  Do you think it might involve watching tv every night or playing video games?

Time is Relationships

Okay, so money is not your bag.  Let’s think about people who are family oriented – they value family and their world consists of being totally and absolutely involved with family members.  What are they earning?  Love, caring, support – a whole host of important factors in that persons life.  They are involved in order to get what they want from the relationships they value.  They earn enough money to care for their families well but the majority of the time is spent working on the relationships.  Is time free?  Again, it has a price.

What if they said they said their most valuable asset was family but they spent all their time working?  Would that make sense? Would they get the return they claim they desire?

Tangible or not, time has a price.

What are your actions and words saying about your attitude towards time?

Without timeapple pie, there is nothing – a void – nothing exists.  Like Carl Sagan said –  to bake an apple pie, you need to create a universe first – think about it.  If the universe didn’t exist, the earth wouldn’t exist.  If the earth didn’t exist, then there would be no animals or plants or rain or people – there would be nothing with which to bake an apple pie and no one to figure it out.

How are you building your universe?

Time is not free – it’s a resource, a tool, for which you pay a dear price if you don’t use it to achieve your goals.  For instance, if you have always wanted to be president of the company but you spend as much time away from work as possible, you don’t network, you won’t get the degrees needed in your particular company or don’t do the type of work which may get you the top job, then your time is costing you a great deal – you’re missing out on the multi-million dollar salary and benefit package of being president!  In accounting it’s called a loss – you’re in the red until you get to be president – in Stephen Helmsley’s case, you’d be losing $73.48 every minute of every working day (less what you’re making now, of  course – how much is that?)!

Think about how your attitude towards time – it may just surprise you!

Lorraine Arams
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