Three Tips on How to Learn Better and More Efficiently

Three Tips on How to Learn Better and More Efficiently

As a lifelong learner, I’ve had to “squeeze” my education into some fairly tight time constraints at times.  I’ve learned some very efficient ways to learn and I’m sharing them with you in the hope that they will save you time and energy.

1.  As you read through, even your first reading, start jotting down notes and questions.  These questions will eventually become a list of good questions with which to study – some you’ll eliminate, some you’ll expand upon and some you’ll keep just as they are.  Throughout the course, pull these questions out at lunch time or during coffee break or riding the bus and answer them in your head.  It’ll keep the material fresh in your mind.

2.  For any new concept, write out 60 words explaining the concept – ONLY 60 WORDS. If you can explain any concept completely in 60 words, then you really understand it and it will stick your mind.  This does take several revisions of what you write the first time.  Your first attempt may result in 1500 or more words.  Keep cutting it down until you get to 60 words.  You’ll be amazed how effective this method is!

3.  Focus when you study – no music in the background, no email or Facebook or Twitter, no games, etc. – just you in a quiet environment focusing. Focus for periods of one hour at a time and then go for a walk for 20 minutes to let your brain process what you have just studied.  Study for another hour and take another walk for 20 minutes and process that bit. You’ll get more out of these two hours than you will  studying with distractions or sounds competing for your attention – your brain can only process one thought at a time.  You’ll be amazed how well you learn.  It’s not a good idea to study for more than 3 hours at a time.  With this method, a lot of time is saved and more information is absorbed in less time.

Hope these tips help you to learn better – they will certainly help your efficiency!

Lorraine Arams

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